These makeup mistakes are really making your eyes look smaller


Less is often more. We know it’s easy to get swept up in the notion of bigger being better, but when it comes down to using makeup to enhance your features, especially the eyes, you might be going overboard. 

We all know that eyeliner and mascara are easy ways to make your eyes look bigger. The problem arises when we use them wrongly or excessively. Take a look at these five makeup mistakes to ensure you’re on the right track to bigger and bolder eyes.

#1 Lining your lower waterline
While it is true that black eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes look larger, the lower waterline is a different story. Keeping that area dark can make your eyes look squinty, especially if they’re smaller. The trick is to brighten the area is using a nude or white liner on the inner corner of your lower waterline. You can use eyeliner on the outer corner of your lower lashes (not the waterline), but just keep it to the outer third.

#2 Using mascara without curling your lashes
Yes, longer eyelashes can make your eyes look wider, but only if they curl upwards. Asian eyelashes tend to grow straight out, which can cast a shadow on your eyes. Simply using a lengthening mascara without curling your lashes first can make them look heavy and cast an even more unflattering shadow.

#3 Wearing unflattering false lashes
Unless you’re wearing false lashes for dramatic flair, you should avoid long sweeping lashes that fan out at the corners. The ideal falsies to flatter your eyes are lashes that are the longest just under the arch of your eyebrows. 

#4 Not concealing your dark circles
Simply put, shadows tend to make things look smaller. There’s also the fact that evening out your skin tone by concealing your under eyes makes your lower lashes look better. Consider colour-correcting your dark circles with a deeper warm peachy concealer before using a brightening under eye concealer.

#5 Droopy eyeshadow 
Whether you’re trying out a smoky eye or just extending your eyeliner, apply your makeup in a way that lifts your face. Avoid extending your eyeliner downwards, and clean up any eyeshadow that lands outside of where your winged eyeliner will go. If you want a smoky eye, try keeping the dark shades to just the outer third so it doesn’t look overwhelming.