Here’s the thing. It’s high time to shrug off your misconception of masking as a monthly indulgence. A mask (or three!) can – and should – be slotted into your everyday skincare routine.

Why? You see, while your standard lotions and potions are the mainstay of any respectable beauty regime, there’s no shame in admitting to needing a little extra oomph – so think of masks as push-up bras for our faces.

And because your complexion is calmer, cooler and more collected, makeup in the morning glides on that much easier, too – chances of unsightly caking and creasing are radically reduced if your already delicate skin is kept perfectly pampered and well hydrated.

Not entirely convinced? More compelling reasons to slap on a mask below:


They’re potent and plush “pillows” for your face.

Souped up with a concentrated cushion of intensive ingredients, masks make for a great nightly aid to recharge and rejuvenate your skin.

Masks are a savvy skin investment.

You see results virtually instantly, but regular use will also yield long-term dividends for your dermis. In other words, you enjoy instant gratification as well as improvement over time.

They’re the skincare equivalent of makeup primers.

By comforting your complexion with softening ingredients, they prime your skin to be better able to soak up the goodness of the other products to follow.

Masks are me-time essentials.

They shouldn’t be a chore to apply – with their soothing spa-like scents and titillating textures, masks are an excellent “excuse” to pamper yourself from the privacy of your boudoir.



Why choose Fresh? Two words: Sublime meets science. Fresh masks boast the skin-tingling sensuality that are the direct result of harnessing only the freshest ingredients from nature – think soy, rose and black tea – bolstered by cutting-edge cosmeceutical ingenuity and know-how.

Fun fact: The Fresh Research Lab is where the magic takes place. Located within the sprawling grounds of the renowned LVMH Helios Research Center squirrelled away in the French city of Saint Jean de Braye, the lab is helmed by Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman and an extraordinary league of skincare superheroes culled from the fields of chemistry, biology and dermatology. Bottomline: Each and every tub is a distillation of love and the latest lab research.

“Masks deeply cleanse, recondition, balance, and nourish skin to prep it for the treatments that follow, making them one of the most important steps in every skincare ritual.”

Lev Glazman, Fresh co-founder


FRESH MASK MENU: What’s your skin craving?

Another great reason to gun for Fresh masks? The brand boasts a veritable buffet of beautifying treats that you can enjoy “a la carte” – or savoured in sequence like a three-course meal, of which more later.

But first, which flavour from the “mask menu” below is calling out to you at the moment?

Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask, $95

This triple threat of a clay concoction can be used as a rinse-off mask, deep cleanser or targeted spot treatment to purge your pores of gunk and grease.


Sugar Face Polish, $95

This deliciously sweet-smelling salve is an excellent exfoliant that gently polishes away dirt and debris and deeply quenches shrivelled-up skin to prep it for the potions and poultices to follow.


Rose Face Mask, $95

Stuffed with real Turkish rosewater and radiance-enhancing rose petals, this ravishingly romantic skin soother boasts a gorgeous gel-like formula that promises to hydrate and tone tired and thirsty complexion.


Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, $144

This quick fix is chock-full of black tea ferment and other botanical goodies like lychee seed and blackberry leaf extracts. The intriguingly plush and pillowy texture drapes over any lumps and bumps for an instantly invigorated and more “brew-tiful” visage.


Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask, $144

This lovely leave-on concoction comes crammed with a beautifying botanical brew of black tea ferment, black tea, lychee seed and blackberry leaf extracts and exotic belle de nuit, all of which are said to work in tandem to sop up free radicals. Fresh says this incredibly intense overnight treatment also lends a “corset-like effect” that props up saggy skin for a lifted look the morning after.


Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask, $229

This richly restorative treat promises to drench parched skin with hydration, enhancing elasticity and smoothing out dry and irritated patches. Honey and echinacea, the hero ingredients of this moisturising mask, lend the formula a melting marshmallow consistency that rinses off without leaving behind any icky stickiness.


Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask, $99

Fuelled by the power of flowers, this potent peony root-imbued overnight saviour diminishes discolouration and brightens sick and sallow-looking skin for a lovely lit-from-within luminescence.



Beauty students, you’re already accustomed to layering standard skincare – even slathering on several serums at once – so the next logical step, really, is to master mixing and matching multiple masks at the same time. Such a simple concept, but a bona fide skin-changer, if you ask us.

The following combo mask meals are just some of the myriad medleys you can try your hand at. Check ‘em out, and have fun mixing and matching your masks!

Intrigued and raring to give it a go? Check out all of these masks at the Fresh boutiques at Raffles City #01-43 and ION Orchard #B3-46, as well as at all Sephora Singapore stores.


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