Taylor Swift unveils new fragrance videoThe pop-country megastar has released the first in a series of videos showing off her latest perfume.

Swift’s third fragrance, following on from her 2011 hit Wonderstruck and the Wonderstruck Enchanted flanker, has got a cool new promo clip, the first of a number of films. 

The thirty-second video for Taylor by Taylor Swift features Instagram-style shots of the singer and is soundtracked by “Starlight” from Taylor’s latest album, “Red.”

The singer likened the creative process that went into her latest scent to her musical talent: “it’s a little bit like creating a song. It’s taking nothing and adding idea after idea after idea and honing it down and figuring out what it’s going to be,” Swift told ETOnline.  

Produced by fragrance company Elizabeth Arden, the scent is currently available at Macy’s and Ulta for $49.50 for the 1.7 oz eau de parfum.