The sun is slowly coming out of hibernation for those with four seasons in their country, which is a bittersweet time for all fashionistas. While we can’t wait to get into our summer wardrobe, it also means baring pasty legs that have been hiding under tights all winter. But swear on the beauty bible that you’ll abide by Hawaiian Tropic’s Tan Commandments and you’ll be ready to enjoy your favourite time of year with perfectly bronzed pins.

For those of you who enjoy the tropical sun all year round, these tips will come in just as handy to make sure your skin gets the right amount of protection!


#1 – Obey the rays
The sun gives off harmful UVA and UVB rays so be summer smart and pick a self-tan with an SPF. L’Oréal Paris and Hawaiian Tropic both have products that will keep you bronzed while also protecting you.

#2 – Replace suncream
Suntan lotion only has a shelf life of 12-18 months so it’s really important you buy a new one regularly so you’re fully protected.

#3 – Enjoy the sun
The sun provides an important dose of Vitamin D. The body’s level is at its lowest around March when skin has been deprived of sunlight so get out there and top up!

#4 – Cover up
When the sun is at its highest point between 11am and 3pm, make sure you have a hat handy to keep the rays off your head and sit in the shade if you feel too hot.

#5 – Always wear SPF
You might think it’s only crucial in during the hottest times of the year, but wear one all year round and you’ll be warding off wrinkles while also keeping your skin safe. Just invest in a moisturiser with an SPF.

#6 – Pamper and protect
It’s a myth that using suncream means you won’t tan, so indulge your skin and pick a great one with moisturiser like Green People Organic Sun Lotion.

#7 – Hydrate skin
Fake and real tans will hold better on exfoliated and moisturised skin. Use exfoliation gloves in the shower and finish off with a rich body cream like The Body Shop Body Butter.

#8 – Use after sun
After sun is crucial for rehydrating skin after tanning. Try Hawaiian Tropic’s, with cooling ingredients.

#9 – Preserve your tan
To keep your tan for as long as possible, take Vitamin A and avoid saunas, which make skin peel much faster.

#10 – Enjoy the scent of summer
Finally, embrace this time of year with summery smelling tanning products. Coconut, floral and tropical fruit scents are all gorgeous for the warmer season. – © Cover Media