Taiwan is more than just a foodie’s paradise. It is also a shopping haven for skincare and makeup enthusiasts. The weather in Taiwan is very warm and humid in the summertime, that is why a lot of the country’s beauty brands focus more on whitening and brightening.

Derma-cosmetics or lines developed by dermatologists that combine cosmetics and dermatological science using plant-derived ingredients are also very common in the “T-beauty” market.

A sharp contrast to the lengthy K-beauty skincare routine, the increasingly popular T-beauty skincare routine involves applying fewer products in light layers. There are four steps to the Taiwanese beauty routine: cleanse, tone, moisturise and sheet mask. The last step explains the ubiquity of Taiwanese face masks out in the market.

Last but not least, functionality is the basis of Taiwanese brands, which have tailored routines based on skin types and skin concern so don’t expect to see frills or trendy gimmicks here, just the good stuff suited for your skin.

Keep reading for our edit of the best cult-favourite Taiwanese skincare products to try for glowy porcelain skin. The best part? All of them can be found at your nearest Guardian.