Taiwanese actor Chen Bo Lin & beauty guru Robin Niu's skincare secret

This is the tip that two Taiwanese men with flawless complexions have to give

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Chen Bo Lin, 32, global brand spokesperson for Kose Sekkisei

The boyish-looking Taiwanese actor, who has starred in popular television shows such as In Time with You, is charming, candid and modest when I meet him in Tokyo for Kose Sekkisei’s 30th anniversary press event. He shares that he’s very much the average joe when he isn’t working, spending most of his time reading, playing the guitar, gaming and cooking (think yummy mapo tofu, soups and Taiwanese beef noodles) at home.

The main thing I notice about him is his glowy skin, and I wonder if it’s thanks to Kose Sekkisei products – he is, after all, the new spokesperson for the Japanese line. As surprised as he was to be chosen to front a skincare line favoured by women, he says that he’s taking his new role seriously: “I use the brand’s lotion, cream and mask. My skin is less dull than it was before.” Here, he shares his thoughts on women and skincare for men, and gives us some tips for good skin.

What he looks for in a woman
“The confidence to be herself. I don’t look for a particular physical feature. Instead, I observe the way she talks to others. That’s how I get a sense of who she really is.”
Cleanse thoroughly
“It’s important to wash your face at night and remove all traces of makeup completely. It’s something that I had been doing even before I started a proper skincare routine.”
Follow through with beauty tips
“You can get beauty tips – I usually get mine from magazines – but the important thing is to follow through and put them to use.”
Chomp on fruits
“Fruits are great for the skin – I really like kiwi fruit.”
Brightening products for men
“When it comes to brightening skincare, men have a misconception that such products will make the skin whiter – but they don’t. Instead, they are about evening out skin tone for a healthier-looking complexion. You won’t have to say much to convince a guy – just give him a bottle of Kose Sekkisei Lotion and the results will speak for themselves.”

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Robin Niu, 48, skincare guru

Also known as Niu Er lao shi (teacher in Mandarin), the 48-year-old Taiwanese television personality – who attended medical school and previously worked at a cosmetics laboratory – has such flawless skin, you would never have guessed that he suffered from acne when he was younger. “Whatever you do, don’t squeeze your pimples,” he warns. “Also, be sure to deep-cleanse your skin and if your breakouts get severe, see a dermatologist.” And here’s news for those of you who think it’s all about the skincare: It’s not. A balanced lifestyle and being happy also helps you get better skin. “You’ve also got to take care of yourself,” he says. As it turns out, the skincare guru has a whole lot more beauty tips to share...

Eat right
“When I have a big event in the morning, I won’t eat anything with sugar or salt the night before to avoid looking bloated. Also, I’ll eat only two things the day before a big event: the whites of a hardboiled egg and fruits that are high in vitamin C, such as bananas and kiwi fruit. The next day, I’ll wake up to skin that’s smooth, tight and bright – no puffiness at all.”
“Sloughing off surface dead skin cells gives an instant boost of radiance. Use a scrub or a cleansing device to exfoliate, then use a mask and a moisturiser – skin absorbs skincare better after a good cleanse.” 
Soothe skin with... 
“...Kose Sekkisei Lotion – it’s what I use when my skin is sunburnt or when I have razor burns. In addition to its hydrating and brightening benefits, I like how it instantly refreshes skin. Plus, its fresh floral scent relaxes me.” 
Know your skin
“Always choose products for your skin type. Don’t just buy products that are popular. Get to know your skin or you’ll be disappointed when the products don’t work for you.” 
Spend time on beauty 
“As part of my skincare routine, I saturate a cotton pad with Kose Sekkisei Lotion and pat it on my face – 200 times. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you do it fast, it takes less than two minutes. If I have more time, I’d separate the same cotton pad into four layers, place them on my face and leave them on for five minutes.”

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This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine April 2015.