From sumptuous chocolate to brightly coloured macaroons, sweet treats are indulgences we all love – and mostly try to resist. But thanks to an ever-growing selection of candy-inspired beauty products, you can indulge your sweet tooth at the dab of a lip balm.

Sweet beauty treats: Candy-scented bath & body products

With research proving that the smell of sweet fragrances alone – as found in perfumes or scented candles – can satisfy cravings for sweet indulgences, with these must-have products you are never left wanting:

For a truly scrumptious pout, exfoliate your lips with Lush’s Popcorn or Bubblegum lip scrub. For kissable soft lips, MOR’s macaroon inspired lip balms are a must-have. Packaged in round, pastel-coloured tins and with flavours including Peach Nectar, Rose Bud and Lychee Flower, they are every bit as indulgent as the French treat that inspired them.

Of course, Vaseline’s limited edition petroleum jelly has become famous for tasty flavours such as Pink Bubbly and Crème Brulee. Excitingly, a brand new spiced berry version called Paint The Town Red launched only last week.

Thanks to Philosophy’s confection-inspired bubble bath and shower gels, you can douse yourself in the irresistible smells of baked goods including Vanilla Birthday Cake, Coconut Frosting and Cinnamon Buns.

For skin tasty enough to eat, indulge in The Body Shop’s Chocomania range, which truly smells like the finest of Belgian cocoa confections. From hand soap to the iconic Body Butter and a very tasty scrub, the products are so good you’ll have to stop yourself from taking a bite!

For tasty talons, Revlon’s groundbreaking candy-scented polishes take nail art to a whole new level. With five fragrant shades including Mint Gelato, Strawberry Cream and Cherry Bonbon, you are truly spoilt for choice!

Meanwhile, the fruity pineapple aroma of TiGi’s Bedhead Headrush shine spray will transport you straight from your bathroom to a tropical beach with a Pina Colada in your hand.