Where do you stand when it comes to your health? Or rather, where does your health stand compared to the rest of the world? According to a Global Burden of Disease Study published in 2013, only 5 per cent of the population are in the pink of health. And the rest? Some 20 per cent of the population require urgent medical attention, while the remaining 75 per cent are in the sub-health stage – in other words, they’re technically not sick, but they’re not exactly healthy either. 

Sub-health conditions include obesity, body aches, cold hands and feet, metabolic syndrome and stress disorders. Left untreated, these issues could evolve into more serious diseases and illnesses. But it’s not the end of the road. In addition to taking better care of your diet and reducing stress levels, there are wellness treatments, such as the Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy by Yunohana Spa, that can help.

What is hokutolite?

The Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy uses hokutolite stones to help boost circulation, and enhance natural bodily functions like detoxification. 

Hokutolite is a rare mineral first discovered in Beitou, Taiwan by Professor Kotora Jimbo from Tokyo Imperial University in 1912. The area is now said to be heavily polluted by industrial chemicals, and the only other location in the world where hokutolite is naturally formed is in Tamagawa Onsen in Japan.

Located in the mountains of Akita Prefecture, the special hokutolite bedrock at this popular hot springs resort is rich in essential trace minerals and anions. Anions, which are negatively charged ions, help neutralise free radicals, and are said to clear the air of bacteria and viruses. 

Hokutolite has been extensively studied by scientists for its healing properties, and is also certified to be safe for use by the Japan Association of Ion Research and Application, which checks it every two years. 

A Hokutolite-focus Alternative Healing Therapy

You can now experience the healing powers of hokutolite without a trip to Japan. Yunohana Spa’s Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy features a heated bed filled with hokutolite that naturally emits high concentrations of anions. 

Suitable for all ages, the relaxing thermal therapy is believed to help you sweat out heavy metals and toxins. The heat supposedly boosts cellular functions, while improving skin renewal and repair processes for healthy skin. According to Yunohana Spa, a 45-minute session burns around the same number of calories as a 30km jog – and causes you to perspire as much.

To properly experience the Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy, you should avoid alcohol for at least a day before the treatment, and eat a balanced meal at least 30 minutes before your treatment commences. 

Depending on your level of fitness, you may experience some tiredness the next day. The spa recommends weekly sessions at the start.


Shop Smart

First-time customers get to experience the first session of Yunohana Spa’s Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy at $70 (UP $139). Valid till Dec 31, 2019. Call 6262-5573 or visit www.yunohanaspa.com to make your appointment. Yunohana Spa is located at #03-03 Pacific Plaza.