Photography: Jasper Yu; Art direction: Niki Bruce; Hair and makeup: Sha Shamsi using Tom Ford and Sebastian Professional


Want perfectly puff-free peepers? I’ve got two words for you: Tsubo points. Wait, what?

Well, Tsubo points refer to several acute acupressure areas – there are three of interest located on our faces, of which more later – that traditional medicinal therapists consider crucial when it comes to alleviating all manner of ailments.

Eye-wise, the top three tsubo points are – bookmark this page for future reference, please! – the sanchiku (the inner corner of the brows), the shokyu (the bony ridge on the under-eye directly below your iris) and the taiyo (the temples).

Prodding these pressure points when you’re applying your eye cream promises to prompt fluid drainage, plus it’ll feel pretty darn good after a long day of eyeballing your electronic devices. But first, you need to have a depuffing and detoxifying eye cream on hand; my obsession du jour is Cle de Peau Beaute’s spectacular Synactif Eye Care Ritual ($750 for six mask sets and one eye cream; but what price beauty, really?)

On to application. Using your ring finger, dot the cream under your eye, starting about half an inch below your lash line and progressing from the inner to outer corner. More isn’t more in this instance: If you pile on the product, the excess will only inch itself into your eyes and irritate them into watery redness. To save yourself from tears, wait two minutes, then blot off any residual cream that hasn’t been absorbed.


All set? You’re now ready for a bit of DIY acupressure. We’ll let an expert take it from here: “Pressing the sanchiku points at the inner brow can fend off signs of fatigue such as dark circles,” says Angela Boh, training manager at Cle de Peau Beaute Singapore. “Next, stimulate the shokyu by palpating the orbital bone on the lower lids for depuffing benefits, and finish by tapping the temples to decrease overall dullness.”

Pressing question: How much pressure should you exert? Answer: Close to none; think lithe little taps with the tip of your finger. All told, this should take you no more than two minutes, tops. And you’re done!

With any luck, this easy eye-xercise should massage away under-eye bulges and bloatedness, particularly when paired with an eye elixir that promises to placate puffiness in and of itself. Texture-wise, this custardy cream is beyond silky on the skin, and drenches my orbital area with a lit-from-within luminescence.


Feel free to top up your massage by slapping on the accompanying eye mask, which is absolutely ginormous – the biggest on the beauty market by far, in my estimation.

Size matters in this instance because one of the most obvious signs of ageing occurs when you lose volume in what’s referred to in medical parlance as the “tear trough”, which is the triangular wedge under the eye extending towards the outer cheeks.

Then there are the “11s” or glabella frown lines to fret over, too. Here’s Angela again with more: “The mask is designed to treat the furrows formed in the area between the eyebrows and the muscle around the eyes, both of which are not usually covered with conventional eye masks.”

Indeed, yours truly can attest to the awesomeness of this mask, which is wrought from a most unusual clingwrap cloth. The pulp’s porous properties means it acts like a thirsty sponge, sopping up serum and supercharging skin with all of the gloopy goodness that would otherwise go to waste by pooling in the packet of your conventional cotton mask. (Universal pet peeve: Fishing out sheet masks and creating a soggy mess on the sofa.)

The Spiderman-worthy stretchiness of the sheets also boast a taffety-like texture that swathes every inch of your eye contour: Wrap it around your lids after your eye massage, as if you’re sealing in all the delicious juices of a slow-roasted chicken, then whip off after 10 minutes to a visibly lifted visage.

Taken together, this age-reversing duo promises to buffer your baby blues from the scourge of stress and pollution, as well as – and this is the crucial bit – diminish dark circles and discolouration instantly and over time. The results? Let’s just say that after a month or so of using this product, I’ve found myself wiggling out of undereye concealer on most workdays.

Right, then. Top takeaways: When massaging in your eye cream, remember to press the aforementioned acupressure points (scoot down to your nearest CPB cabin if you need a hands-on demo) and don’t forget the frown lines between your brows. “Eye” hope this was an enlightening read!