Having been on a DIY roll these past weekends, I’m pleased as punch to say I may have hit upon a miracle beauty worker – and coffee’s of the essence!

Now, most beauty buffs worth their (bathing) salt will be aware of topical caffeine’s ability to constrict blood vessels and placate puffiness, making the stimulant superb for re-energising saggy skin. Want proof? Look out for caffeine on the labels of your depuffing eye creams; it’ll be there.

But what about hair? As it turns out, the enterprising folks from foodie site Spoon University say that soaking your strands in a beautifying brew of dark-roast beans for an hour or so, followed by a colour amplifier courtesy of your conditioner of choice mixed in with coffee grounds, will afford you a magnificent mocha mane that smells scrumptious to boot. There are even studies suggesting that caffeine may contribute towards the stimulating of the scalp and the galvanising of hair growth in the process. Hurrah!

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Things you should know about colouring your hair with coffee

Before you start boiling your beans, some crucial caveats apply. For starters, this tinted treatment will yield more of a subtle stain, so ease off on your expectations – this hack isn’t going to have you looking like you spent half a day at a salon. You may also want to brace yourself for patchiness in the pigment of your pouf – the rough-and-ready approach and lack of quality control means that the strands which are more porous, such as the “baby hair” on your forehead, may turn out darker than the rest. Ask yourself if this is a gamble you’re willing to take.

Having said that, here are some prudent pointers for mane maintenance: To avoid the heartache of seeing your dye job go down the drain, invest in a purple or silver shampoo – the pigments in your protective shield will cancel out unwanted yellow tones in your hair. Feeling extra “kiasu”? Another way of preventing premature fading of your hair’s hue is to pop on a chlorine-screening filter on your showerhead – this ingenious invention will sieve out the desaturating chemicals that may be lurking in your tap water. Supplement this with a professional top-up every month or so and you’ll be well on your way to influencer-worthy hair that’s super sleek and gorgeously glossy.

But really, it’s probably for the best if you view this as a form of commitment-free experimentation. Because hey, if your DIY project goes awry, you can simply rinse it out and make an appointment with your colourist. Good luck with your locks, and let me know if this works for you as brilliantly as it did for me.

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