Ageing gracefully and beautifully is something every woman desires. To give you a helping hand, su:m37° Secret Repair is here to help stave off the signs of premature ageing for a youthful looking you.

The secret lies in its use of potent Georgian fermentation concentration. Using a 8,000-year old UNESCO Georgian traditional fermentation technique, this concentrate takes 200,000 hours to extract, and promises to stimulate collagen production while reviving skin’s elasticity.

This is combined with a natural botanical extract, Royal Mastic Resin™, found on the Greek Island of Chios, to boost skin’s cellular structure to reinforce its collagen and elastin structures within for a smooth and supple complexion at the same time.

To complete, the brand’s exclusive Compressed Formula System™ and Skin Firmness Spring come together to lift and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging.

The Secret Repair range boasts five products for a complete skincare routine:

  • Prep with the Secret Repair Toner
  • Nourish and treat with the Secret Repair Concentrated Serum
  • Maintain skin’s water and oil ratio with the Secret Repair Emulsion
  • Get bright-eyed with the Secret Repair Concentrated Eye Cream
  • Lift and tone with the Secret Repair Concentrate Cream

Don’t forget to complement your Secret Repair routine with the signature Secret Essence. Applied after the Toner, this lightweight antioxidant-rich essence not only hydrates the skin but also strengthens it from within to protect against external environmental aggressors and pollution. The key lies in the use of a patented ferulic acid, a product of the brand’s unique fermentation technology — Ferm Origns Process™ that helps activate Cytosis® — an extract made from over 80 different kinds of local plants, fermented and aged in cedar barrels for at least 365 days. Together, these active ingredients are further enhanced by the Advanced Sync Program™ to ensure that skin is resilient, glowing and supple.

Get A Lift!

Maximise the lifting and firming effects of the Secret Repair Concentrate Cream by massaging it into the skin using the su:m37° Multi-Applicator. Here’s how…

Step 1: Boost lymphatic drainage by using the applicator on the following pressure points:

  • The outer corners of the eyes, between the end of your brows and eyes
  • The inner corners of the eyes, next to the bridge of the nose
  • Near each side of the nose, next to the fleshiest part
  • The centre of the chin

Apply pressure to each of these spots for 3 seconds.

Step 2: From the sides of the nose, gently massage in small circular motions outwards, towards the ears. Do this for 10 times on each side.

Then repeat the same movement, going from the sides of the mouth, towards the ears.

Step 3: Finish by massaging upwards from the chin towards the ears, along the jawline. Do this for 10 times on each side.

The result is a radiant and younger looking you that will be the envy of all your friends.