Sulwhasoo Limited Edition First Care Activating Serum $140 B.png

Nine bottles of Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum sold per minute may not seem all that impressive compared to the figures vaunted by other beauty brands, but it’s pretty neat for a comparatively costly “cult” product from this upscale Korean botanical based company.

Sulwhasoo’s best-seller is billed as a “medicinal essential”, and its litany of exotic green ingredients certainly makes it seem like some tincture that our mothers used to force down our throats during our college days.

To wit, there’s extract of membranous milk vetch, a shrub said to boast “life-prolonging” properties; as well as licorice and bitter dwarf lilyturf, the latter also known in Chinese traditional medicine as “mai men dong”, a root that expels excess “qi”.

Taken together, the Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum is supposed to promote a sort of zen-like balance and drive anti-aging nutrients deep into the skin. Application is “standard operating procedure” for serum-type products: Massage a good-sized dollop into your face and neck after cleansing and toning, using clean, cupped palms.

We know of many K-Beauty fans who buy this silky serum in bulk, and the product’s marketing tag says it all, really: It’s “your first and your best”.

Offered annually in a bigger, limited edition bottle (90 ml versus the usual 60 ml), consider giving yourself a beauty boost by checking it out for yourself.

Sulwhasoo Limited Edition First Care Activating Serum, $140 for 90 ml, is available at Sulwhasoo counters. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.