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Align Technology, the company that brings us Invisalign – the pioneer of invisible teeth aligners – opens its doors in Singapore with the first Invisalign Centre in Southeast Asia, located conveniently at Wisma Atria, Orchard Road. Over 6.8 million people have gotten their teeth straightened by Invisalign aligners, which makes it one of the most popular alternatives to traditional braces. 

What is the Invisalign Centre? It is a physical location that offers personalised and immersive experience and gives anyone access to all the relevant information. This is perfect for anyone who may be interested in learning more about the Invisalign treatment and its numerous benefits. And it sure beats having to do extensive research online, and you don’t have to make an appointment to see an orthodontist just yet.

The Invisalign centre is a one-stop location for consumers who want to have their queries about teeth straightening answered and to understand how Invisalign aligners work and the superior technology behind it. You can also catch a glimpse of how your smile would look like after undergoing Invisalign treatment with the SmileView technology. All you have to do is take a smiling selfie (showing your teeth) and it generates the “after treatment” simulation in seconds. “This is artificial intelligence that allows consumers to see what it is like if they straighten their teeth,” says Julie Tay, senior vice president and managing director or Align Technology, Asia Pacific, “Seeing is believing.” 

Having a brick and mortar store creates a platform for everyone to really understand Invisalign in a different and clearer way, especially since it is focused on engaging the those who visit the store.

“We sell nothing here,” adds Tay. “This center is really to educate consumers on what Invisalign is. Anyone can come in and ask all the questions they want in a non-threatening manner.”

Not just that, you can also learn more about common teeth alignment cases and how the treatment process transforms the teeth, and also how every step of the process is guided by an Invisalign doctor. There are even different types of aligners displayed in the centre to help you get a sense of the material, and how they feel. “The material our aligners are made of is not just ordinary plastic, it is called SmartTrack, and is proprietary to Invisalign. We invented it. This material allows the aligner to effectively move all your teeth when you wear it,” says Tay. 

Another amazing piece of technology for Invisalign is the iTero, a machine that allows a detailed 3D scan of the teeth in minutes. You can see a scan being done on a teeth mold in the Invisalign Centre and this visualises how the entire treatment process is simulated. “It is fully digital and this makes the outcome predictable,” adds Tay.

And of course, if you’re interested in getting Invisalign aligners after learning more, you can be easily connected to a local Invisalign doctor of your choice, without needing to personally call clinics or do any extensive research online.

It’s truly a fuss-free way of getting more information about the aligners, and allows consumers to take quicker steps towards a better, straighter smile.

You can visit the Invisalign Centre at #B1-14 at Wisma Atria, Orchard Road.