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First impression of Staz Lindes of The Paranoyds fame? She’s no cookie-cutter chanteuse – which is sort of the point, maybe.

Sure, the London-born multi-hyphenate (model, musician, muse of the moment) boasts an enviably creamy complexion, but she’s also wonderfully weird – her idiosyncratic Insta-feed is dotted with delightfully unexpected gems, like this snapshot of a little lizard perched atop the peeling polish of her nails.



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Exquisitely expressive eyes and perfectly proportioned nose aside, the glamour girl also has the skin situation down pat. Personal vouch: Having scrutinised her face up close at a recent meet-and-greet in Tokyo, I’m happy to report that the 24-year-young starlet has refreshingly ‘real’ skin – an ‘attainable’ sort of awesome, if that makes sense. (Even her ‘origin story’ is relatable in its own way; she was spotted and scouted at a bowling alley, of all places.)



And then there are those startlingly sensuous lips – so plush, plump and perfect for the zeitgeist of Kylie Jenner we’re living in today.

The riotous rocker’s fabulous features come in very handy indeed, given her gig as the new face of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute. (Staz joins other luminous luminaries the likes of Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt, making this a pretty darn big deal, really.)

So yes, she’s our ultimate girl crush du jour. Read on for more beauty-related bits and bobs about the ravishing ‘runway success’, so to speak, and take notes, budding singers, supermodels and beauty students alike!

Be scrupulous about skincare.

Staz tells me that a flawless face begins and ends with a clean complexion: “I love my skin to look fresh and natural – the perfect pared-down canvas for the bolder eye and lip looks I often wear. For me, great skin is about layering a serum beneath a moisturiser, then using makeup to accentuate your best features – rather than masking any perceived flaws.” Duly noted!



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She lets her lips do the talking.

When quizzed about the secret to nailing the perfect photo for social media, Staz points to her puckers. “People like my lips – it’s funny, though. It’s so random. People either love bare beauty or they love really exaggerated eyeshadow,” she muses. “But I definitely think my lips get the most traffic – especially when I wear a red lippie.” Key takeaway? Kylie Jenner was right, after all: Smackers are the ultimate style accessory.



Speaking of lips, red is reliably rad.

Quick aside: There’s this apocryphal quote by the Great Goop herself that we can’t quite get out of our head: “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin – that, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

As it turns out, great beauties think alike – Staz is just like Gwyneth Paltrow in her predilection for a scarlet shade on her puckers. “I love a strong statement red lip, especially when I’m out and about,” Staz says. “The Vernis a Levres range is a great way of doing this as you can play with both hue and texture – or even layer them together to create your own unique shade.” Her colour of choice? Vernis a Levres Classic in No. 9 for its sexy saturated sheen.

Now, speaking as lippie lovers, we can attest to the gorgeous glide and extreme emollience of her personal pick. The product is incredibly intuitive to use, too: simply swipe the angled applicator across your mouth, press your lips together and voila! Budge-proof and beguiling smackers. Here’s a tip: slick it on sheer for maximum versatility – dial back the drama for day, then pile it on for a party-ready pop.



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A lil highlight is just right.

All hail the highlight! Done right, the glimmering effect as light falls on your face will fend off fatigue and imbue your mien with a lit-from-within luminosity. Take it from the woman of the hour: “I love the Touche Eclat,” says Staz. “It’s quick, easy, highlights your cheekbones, brows and Cupid’s bow – and is the perfect size to take everywhere in my bag.”

Arguably one of the beauty world’s most iconic illuminators, the Touche Eclat is also superb for lending light and life to your eyes. Now, accenting your baby blues with a touch of highlighter at the inner corners isn’t exactly an earth-shattering concept – but it’s certainly one of the easiest and highest-impact trick in the beauty book. Try it, stat!



Here’s how to munch like a model.

Your makeover starts with your menu, so for a complete beauty overhaul, try loading your larder with Staz’s list of skin saviours: “I avoid gluten, dairy and sugar and have been a pescatarian for 10 years. You’ll always find fish, eggs and greens that I like to buy at my local farmer’s market in my fridge.” Other things to ‘feed’ your face with include a ton of supplements; Staz says she stocks up on stuff like probiotics, vegetable collagen, fish oils and “wellness tonics”. This dietary dossier will hopefully give you the gorgeous glow you’re hankering after, so eat up!



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She’s a #woke woman.

Over and above the fabulous frocks and champagne clinking that are par for the course for an “influencer”, Staz the person is shot through with real heart and real soul: “I’m incredibly inspired by real women; women who follow their heart and intuition and just do what they love.” When pressed for a name, Staz has this to say: “I like the political work that Susan Sarandon does. She fights for environmental causes and I think she’s a great actress, too.” Indeed, what really makes Staz stand out from the plethora of prosaic personalities on the ‘gram is her empathy for the environment and society at large. Colour us suitably impressed.



And finally ladies, learn to lighten up about your laugh lines. Our poster girl for individualistic beauty also makes a pretty impassioned case against our fetishisation of porcelain perfection. In her own words, to her 74,000-and-counting followers on Instagram: “You’re the real deal. You can do whatever you want, you can be whoever you want. You just have to believe in something and follow it, and it doesn’t matter what you think you look like – you’re amazing just the way you are.”

Now that’s some #QOTD-worthy stuff right there. See what we mean when we say Staz is the ultimate girl crush?