Tried-and-tested: The truth behind SU:M 37°’s Secret Essence

Real women share their thoughts after using the anti-ageing serum and about their journey to achieving a healthy, glowing complexion

The su:m37 Secret Essence

Representing life’s most basic function, Korean skincare brand su:m37° (pronounced as “soom”) combines the Korean word “to breathe” and the average human body temperature of 37°, to show its close connection with us. Focusing on the benefits of natural fermentation, su:m37° has devoted much of its research and development to creating a unique fermentation process — Ferm Origin ProcessTM, which is done in its own Natural Fermentation Research Institute. Derived from the extracts of over 80 different types of plants, the iconic Secret Essence has reaped the benefits of this meticulous process.

Eager to share its answer to keeping the effects of time at bay, su:m37° has launched a two-month campaign with 40 real women, aged between 25 and 40 years-old, to show the efficacy of the Secret Essence.


Here’s what some of the women have to share about their #8weekswithsum37 skincare journey:

“After diligently using the su:m37° Secret Essence twice daily for the past two weeks, I am loving the benefits my skin has been reaping. Changes include a reduction in facial redness and a more even, radiant complexion.” — @drchloeho

“One thing for sure is that my skin feels more hydrated. I used to have two dry patches on my cheeks, and now, they are gone. Makes it easier for me to put on my makeup too.” — @joyc3tan

“Into my second week on the #8weekswithsum37 campaign, and I can already feel that my skin texture is more moisturised and my makeup stays on better — even on very cold autumn days whilst on vacation in Europe. It’s an added bonus that the Secret Essence smells so good too; it makes me feel really happy every time I use it.” — @50plusandflying

“My skin used to be super dry, and after having a baby, it became very sensitive too. In fact, a lot of products no longer work for me and even cause breakouts, especially around my forehead. I was a little scared initially but this actually works on my sensitive skin!!!” — @michxiao

 “Makeup stays on better after adding the Secret Essence to my daily skincare routine. My makeup used to disappear halfway through dance shoots, but during a recent one, it didn’t budge even after 4 hours of dancing.” — @fairytalesecret

“More than halfway through this bottle of Secret Essence and my skin is really more radiant, less dry and more even.” — @sansandragoh

“November has been a pretty busy month, with loads of planning to do especially for my baby’s first birthday, among many other events. It’s definitely taken a toll on my skin with insufficient sleep and I’ve been having breakouts too. But using Secret Essence, my breakouts are healing and disappearing faster than before!” — @kimjaz


The Secret To Youth Eternal

Now, you too, can reap the same skincare benefits like these women. The answer lies in the su:m37° Secret Essence. This antioxidant-rich anti-ageing serum contains an exclusive patented Ferulic Acid, which in turn helps activate the brand’s star ingredient, Cytosis®. Together, they work to rebuild the skin, strengthening and protecting it against external environmental aggressors and free radical damage. The formula is also boosted by the Advanced Sync ProgramTM to improve skin tone and firmness. The result is a glowing, supple and more youthful looking complexion.

Start your own #8weekswithsum37 chapter with the su:m37° Star Product Set. In addition to the well-loved Secret Essence, it also comes with a Secret Essence Mist that is perfect for giving your skin a hydrating and nourishing boost when you need it. It can even be used on top of makeup to add moisture or give complexion a dewy finish.

The Star Product Set ($48) is available at all su:m37° counters.

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