BEAUTÉ HUB An all-over lift is a piece of cake thanks to Core treatments from Beauté Hub – sans surgery and needles, and with little downtime.

Good news for the needle-averse seeking a svelte silhouette and slimmer face ahead of – or after – all the year-end parties. Beauté Hub offers a quick and comfortable patented treatment designed to tighten the skin, lift the face, and reshape and slim the body. 

Beauté Hub says it is the only beauty salon using Channelled Optimal Radio Frequency Energy (Core) Technology. This makes use of four-dimensional and multi-channel modes to deliver radio frequency (RF) energy past the surface layers of the skin to heat the deeper dermis. This is said to encourage collagen production for tighter, firmer skin on the face and body. A cooling mechanism in the applicator keeps the treatment comfortable and safe. Most customers experience only mild redness on the treated areas for less than an hour.

The all-in-one treatment also claims to combat cellulite and contour the body by stimulating metabolism, which helps shrink the size of fat cells. Complementing these Core treatments is the use of vacuum therapy to intensify and enable deeper penetration of RF energy over a larger area, to improve blood flow and enhance lymphatic drainage. 

Beauté Hub also offers Core Technology in combination with other treatments to counter sagging in the face and neck, lax skin on the body, stubborn fat and cellulite. The treatment is even said to be suitable for tightening vaginal tissue stretched by childbirth, weight loss or age. Promising results that are immediately visible, it’s literally a pick-me-up. 


Enjoy a trial session of Beauté Hub’s Core Technology Face or Body treatment for $58 (UP $398), and you’ll also receive a complimentary V-shaped face roller (promotion valid until Feb 28, 2018). 

Beauté Hub’s branches are at

Clarke Quay, tel: 6532-5885;

Eastpoint Mall, tel: 6443-1515;

HillV2, tel: 6252-1515;

Raffles Place, tel: 6223-2886;

Suntec City Mall, tel: 6735-6883; 

Thomson Plaza, tel: 6554-9559.


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