Help your skin maximise its inner beauty, by adding this one product into your routine

SOFINA launches a new carbonated serum – iP DODAI Essence that works on boosting blood circulation in your skin through its highly carbonated foam and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin, facilitating easy penetration of your skin

SOFINA iP Dodai Essence


Known for some of the craziest technological inventions in the world, the Japanese are pioneers when it comes to the future, and this innovativeness doesn’t just stop at gadgets. When it comes to beauty, they know a thing or two about creating effective products – after all, it is a fact that Japanese women all seem to have complexions that don’t seem to age. Which is why we’re so excited to introduce SOFINA, a skincare brand from Kao that has been developed with the philosophy of ‘holistic beauty science’. They believe that to effectively tackle skin’s ageing, one must go beyond conventional skin care that works merely on the surface – we need prevent or reverse the ageing process by understanding the body’s physiological functions. Which is exactly what SOFINA aims to do: strengthen the skin’s natural, innate ability of becoming beautiful by directly enhancing the base (DODAI) body functions such as blood circulation to achieve that glowing, perfect complexion you’ve always coveted.


SOFINA iP Dodai Essence


Supercharge your skincare game

So how exactly, does that happen? Well, for starters, to celebrate SOFINA’s launch into Singapore (the first in southeast Asia), they will be introducing their revolutionary skincare product, the SOFINA iP DODAI Essence. This powerhouse product is highly regarded by Japanese female consumers, and ranked as the no.1 essence in Japan in 2017. The essence is meant to be used as the first step before your favourite products in order to boost their effectiveness.

Developed after 30 years of extensive research focusing on the skin’s mechanism, the iP DODAI essence utilises a highly-concentrated carbonated foam that contains approximately 20 million micro-carbonated bubbles per application. The bubbles measure roughly 1/100mm in size, smaller than your pores, allowing them to instantly penetrate the deepest layer of your skin and enhance blood circulation. This then effectively delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin, boosting moisture and firmness. This in turn, allows your skin to better absorb toners, serums and moisturisers, supercharging your usual skincare regime. Over time, your skin regains its innate ability to self-regenerate, resulting in healthy, glowing skin that boasts not only an even skin tone, but a baby-soft suppleness. This is why it is crucial to use the essence as the first step in your skincare regime; as how the strength of buildings lies in their foundation, the same is true for your skin.


SOFINA iP Dodai Essence


Power your beauty

Remember what we said earlier about the Japanese being frontrunners when it comes to all things gadgets? Well, your beauty game won’t be the same again as SOFINA will also be launching their Beauty Power Station at ISETAN Scotts Singapore, a service otherwise only available in Ginza, Japan. This analysis will be carried out by SOFINA beauty consultants who will give you fine-tuned beauty advice and an in-depth understanding of the brand through intimate, one-to-one conversations using this unique skin analysis technology. Fun fact: SOFINA was the first brand in the Japan to actually invent the skin analysis device, so you know for sure that these guys know what they’re doing.

Consisting of 3 different components, the test first utilises a BP Scope that provides an integrated analysis of the overall condition of your skin by measuring 8 key components: hydration, ceramide, sebum, elasticity, melanin, skin texture, skin tone and transparency. The second portion analysis your skin’s ability; measuring the strength of your skin’s protective skin barrier. The last portion checks your DODAI’s base ability and measures your vascular reactivity. Knowledge is, as they say, power and when you pair knowledge with their revolutionary essence, there’s no stopping you from achieving that Japanese porcelain-perfect complexion.


SOFINA iP Dodai Essence


From 20th – 26th July, you’ll get to enjoy 2 different promotions to celebrate the brand’s entry into Singapore! With every purchase of the iP DODAI Essence (S$85), you’ll also receive an Enriched Foam Cleanser Mini (30g), Cleansing Oil Mini (20ml) and a free Beauty Power Station Analysis Session (worth $30). For every $200 purchase of SOFINA products, you’ll receive a tote bag, Moisturising Lotion (30ml), Moisturising Emulsion (13g) and WT Essence Mini (10g).

For more information, you can visit SOFINA’s website here.

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