Get the glass skin of your dreams with this Korean skin treatment

This popular Korean skin treatment is now available without needles, pain or downtime

Korea has been churning out beauty trends practically by the second over the last few years: from just-bitten lip tints to the now-famous 12-step skincare regime, it is definitely a country to look towards for the latest in all things beauty. Yet, the thing with trends is that they tend to come and go, and if we had to pick just 1 to stand firmly behind, it would definitely be the glass skin trend. Let us explain.

If you haven’t already heard, “glass skin” is basically having complexion so flawless that your skin appears as smooth and translucent as glass. Now this is achieved by ensuring your skin is extremely well-hydrated, because moisturised skin = healthy skin = a properly functioning barrier that’ll protect against environmental nasties. Well-hydrated skin is also more resilient, and tends to be less prone to wrinkles and looks more vibrant.

However, if you’re a frequent traveler who is constantly exposed to dehydrating cabin air and alternates between dry and humid climates, then you’ll probably have noticed that your skin is far from glass skin level. The same goes for those with drier or mature skin types – sometimes it feels as though no amount of moisturiser or serum will make a difference! That’s because you need to treat your skin from deep within, and no we’re not talking about injections either.

Hailing from Korea, REJURAN® is a popular Rejuvenating Facial Treatment that taps into the power of salmon DNA to help improve the biological condition of damaged skin. Salmon DNA is used because it is highly compatible with human DNA and does not cause any adverse side effects. Over time, skin’s elasticity, hydration levels, tone and texture is dramatically improved as the skin barrier function is repaired. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced while the regulation of oil production is normalized. REJURAN® has also been proven to improve wound healing, acne scars and even pigmentation – sounds like quite the miracle treatment, doesn’t it?

The only problem is, traditional REJURAN® treatments involves injections, which can mean mild pain, swelling and downtime, which honestly, ain’t no one got time for that! That is why we’re psyched that one of our favourite medi-spas, Privé Aesthetics, has just added a needle-free version of this treatment to their beauty menu: REJURAN® Facetherapy. The treatment uses exactly the same skin-loving ingredients to help restore your skin to optimum hydration levels, so you can achieve that glass skin with zero downtime.

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