Blue light radiation from your gadgets are causing your skin to age prematurely, here's how to combat it

The latest breakthrough in these five products protects your skin from further ageing and also treats past signs of ageing


Ageing is great… in some aspects. You’re wiser, more comfortable in your own skin and you finally know how to pick clothes and make up that actually look good on you. On the flipside though, you might have noticed that your skin has been demanding more attention over the years. From wrinkles to dullness to drooping skin, ageing is seldom kind on the face, and let’s just say that the environmental aggressors we city-dwellers are exposed to on a daily basis definitely don’t make things better!

But apart from the expected sun damage and pollution, there is one factor you might not have considered that is causing your skin to age prematurely: blue light.



So what’s the big deal with blue light, you ask? Well, you may have heard that blue light (emitted from pretty much all the electronic gadgets we use on a daily basis) can cause long-term damage to your eyes, but you might not know that frequent exposure can also accelerate the ageing process of your skin. Blue light has been proven in studies to induce oxidative stress in your skin, which contributes to aging. Blue light can also penetrate deep into the dermis, which effects collagen production, causes elasticity loss and pigmentation.  

To make matters worse, exposure to blue light can also trick your skin into thinking that it is daytime, so using electronic devices before bed time compromises your skin's natural night-time repair process. Yikes! 



Fortunately, Uriage has just dropped a brand new anti-ageing product line that will not only protect our skin from further damage caused by pollution and blue light, but also treat existing issues such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and overall dullness.

Introducing Age Protect, Uriage’s latest addition that combines the natural anti-ageing properties of French alpine thermal water (there is a reason why French women don’t seem to age) and a patented BLB formula packed with anti-ageing active ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid and powerful plant extracts like Dragon’s Blood that help fight cellular oxidative stress.

The powerful formula also contains unique pearly agents that act as reflectors to limit the penetration of blue light, so you don’t have to stress about your devices aging you. The new 5-product line consists of a multi-action fluid, cream, serum, eye cream and night cream, all priced at a very wallet-friendly range of $49.90-$79.90.



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