As women, we hate to admit it, but we do like to look good. The hardest thing to get right? The perfect lined eye. We are always in search of that one special product that is waterproof, smudge proof, with just the right intensity and glides on easily. That’s a tall order for any liner.

But what if there’s another way of solving this problem? Something that would make the perfect eyeliner gift this Christmas? How about an eyeliner that doesn’t have to be put on every single day?

We found the solution at Erabelle, where the fuss-free Eraliner treatment, will give you perfectly-drawn eyeliner every day.

The popular procedure, known as eyeliner embroidery, makes use of natural and semi-permanent colours to create an eyeliner according to the shape and size of your eyes. This eyeliner enhances your eyes by creating a thicker, fuller lash line.

Whether it’s creating a subtle line or a bolder, fuller and more defined lash line, this process enhances your eyes by adding definition and even helps create the illusion of more evenly spaced eyes, lending better symmetry and balance to the face.

The best part? You won’t ever have to worry about it smudging in humid Singapore weather or having to reapply it in the middle of the day!

The fuss-free treatment involves beauty artists who will first analyse your face shape and features to customise a look that brings out your best features at the Instant Design Beauty Counter.

You will then be ushered to the Instant Beauty Room where a patch test is performed to test for possible allergies. After which, the beauty artist will perform the simple procedure, using a micropen to employ the SoftStroke technique, a gentle blend of hairstroke technique and soft colouring, to introduce colours under the epidermis.

Once it’s done, you will have natural-looking, semi-permanent eyeliner which will save you a whole lot of time getting ready in the morning, and will last all night as you party during the festive season.

If you have single eyelids, Eraliner will also give you the illusion of well-drawn eyeliner, making your eyes appear bigger and brighter. In combination with Eraliner, you may even want to consider Erabrow, a brow treatment that will better frame your eyes, making you look years younger.

A beauty treatment that can be done in a jiffy, with minimal pain and provide a fabulous end result of perfectly lined eyes … we couldn’t ask for a better gift this Christmas.

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