L’Oreal’s latest Lash & Brow Serum

Aishwarya Rai
If you’ve decided to lure everybody’s attention with a strong lip, learn from Aishwarya Rai who softened the rest of her facial features with rounded arches

When it comes to eyebrows, it’s almost impossible to find someone born with a pair that requires no grooming whatsoever. For many of us, excessive rubbing and overzealous plucking can quickly turn our natural brows into a sparse zone.
Thankfully, there’s L’Oreal’s latest Lash & Brow Serum, which may be the solution to your sparse zone. It is proven* to thicken lashes/brow hair by 67 percent and lengthen them by 76 percent in 12 WEEKS!
* Clinically tested on 30 Asian women

Its user-friendly applicator sends active ingredients to your skin and promises to encourage the growth of longer and tougher brows and lashes with continual usage. With its lightweight and gel-like texture, the product absorbs quickly and penetrates through your hair fibres from root to tip without weighing down your lashes and brow hair.

Plus, it is easy to use. Simply brush it along your lash line and brow area twice daily (day and night) and sit back to see your dream brows and lashes come to fruition.

So what’s the hero ingredient in this serum that breathes new life into your brows?
The answer is Filloxane Technology (it encourages hair follicle growth and brings strength and volume to hair fibre), nourishing Castor Oil for moisturised lashes and brow hairs, as well as Arginine, which promises to toughen the lashes and brows to minimise breakage from excessive rubbing during makeup removal.
Those who rely on eyelash extensions to achieve doll-like peepers will be glad to learn that the Lash & Brow Serum is also supposed to promote the growth of thicker and longer lashes.
Now that you’ve got the brows that you’ve always wanted, reach for the rest of L’Oreal’s brow products to keep them #onfleek.
Still using several products to get your eyebrows to behave every morning? It’s time to toss them into the bin. Consisting of a pencil, powder and spoolie, this ultra convenient tool is all you’ll need to beef up wimpy arches in a jiffy.

For an easy everyday look, simply fill in any gaps with the pencil; then, twist the pen to reveal the powder end and start filling the middle portion of your brows to cover any sparse zones. This powder doubles up as a light contouring powder for your nose and can even be used as a nude eyeshadow.
Finally, don’t forget to use the spoolie to comb through your brows to make them look as natural as possible. This will help to tame any unruly strands too.
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Gong Li
Straight brows, just like the ones on Gong Li, have been trending for quite some time now and for good reason: they make you look younger instantly

Have you been avoiding the swimming pool or even the rain because you’re scared that your brow makeup will get washed away?
Well, meet your new makeup saviour. Made with a water- and smudge-proof formula, the Brow Artist Designer Chisel Straight will be your trusted companion when you’re off to do sports but can’t bear to leave your house without perfect brows.
Its long-wear properties also means that you’re less likely to catch your eyebrows “melting away” after lunch time.


Apply formula, zigzaging on brow wirh combing brush.

Fill and shapel the brow with the focking tip.

Naomi Watts
For a set of natural-looking brows, like Naomi Watts’s, always remember to go for soft, short strokes.

Some beauty junkies won’t travel without their favourite hair dryer. For us, it’s hard to part with this Brow Artist Designer Genius Kit. Think of it as your brow makeup artist on demand. This easy-to-use compact has all the brow essentials for travel: A brow powder, wax, double-ended angled brush and spoolie, as well as a mirror to achieve soft and natural looking brows wherever your next destination is.

Available at all L’Oréal Makeup Designer counters at Watsons and selected Guardian, Sasa, Fairprice and major departmental stores.
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