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Singapore loves beauty. And beauty loves Singapore, too. This National Day, if there are any beauty products that you are planning to purchase in the month of August, let them be from these local brands – who’ve gone international. They’ve dreamt big, shot high, and are now mingling with the company of big beauty conglomerates. Our beauty prides, below:

Allies of Skin


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The brand boldly launched in 2016 with just one product, the 1A All-day Pollution Repair Mask ($145). At that time, it was the world’s first leave-on day mask, which could be worn under makeup. Allies of Skin now has 10 products in its range and has expanded to 15 countries, including Britain, Russia and France. It has been available at stores such as the new Galeries Lafayette in Champs-Elysees, Paris, since March this year.

Handmade Heroes


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In 2005, a 16-year-old Lynsey Lim started making DIY skincare like avocado masks. The products did so well as her sister’s bridal gifts that she received orders. At 25, she launched her natural, synthetic- and preservative-free brand, Handmade Heroes. In 2016, its Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo ($15.90) caught the attention of US website Buzzfeed, and the brand quickly became one of the most popular natural beauty brands on Amazon.

Skin Inc


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The brand started in 2007, selling customisable serums at The Central. In 2013, it became the first Singapore beauty brand to be sold internationally at Sephora. It is now in 100 cities across Asia, Europe and North America, in standalone concept stores or via Sephora. Individualised skincare is still a big selling point (and still Skin Inc’s bestseller), even as it has expanded its repertoire to facial masks and skincare gadgets.

Strip: Ministry Of Waxing

Strip bewildered Singapore women when it opened in 2002. What it offered was Brazilian waxing. Going bare down there was completely new then, and what founder Cynthia Chua says was thought to be “only for porn stars”. Today, largely due to Strip, getting a Brazilian wax is perfectly normal. The brand, which comes under the Spa Esprit Group, has 14 stores in Singapore and 35 stores in 12 cities, including London, New York and Beijing.

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