Smell that Bath  Body Works wafts into Singapore b.png

Perfume people, consider making time this weekend to sniff out Singapore’s latest beauty destination at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

If you’ve been prowling the posh pavements of that prime shopping belt in the last weeks, you’ll know that the powers that be at regional fashion retailer Valiram Group have been quietly transforming a basement corner into a charming outpost of the incredibly popular American beauty chain Bath & Body Works.

Let it be said that the brand hews true to its very American, bigger-is-better heritage. Best spoken of in superlatives, here’s a quick run-through of some pretty impressive stats.

For starters, the expansive 3,030 square feet MBS boutique marks the first in the Asia Pacific region for the brand, which to date has close to 1,600 stores back home in the land of opportunity.

BBW (it even has an arresting acronym!) also angles itself as “America’s favourite fragrance brand”; its bestselling body lotions, which come in an array of amusingly twee names like Dancing Waters and Moonlight Path, have also been rejigged to provide “two times the moisture and three times the shea”.

Now, you might be wondering why we would need another beauty equivalent of a fast fashion chain on our shores; a catty commentator friend of ours also turned her nose up, so to speak, at smelling like gimmicky coconut and other “juvenile” candy scents.

Smell that Bath  Body Works wafts into Singapore Japanese Cherry Blossom b2.png

Having spent a morning browsing the invitingly warm wood-panelled store for ourselves, we must say that our dear friend’s fears were unfounded – just about all of BBW’s candles, room sprays, creamy hand soaps and fragrances were exquisitely packaged and fantastically sophisticated.

We’re particularly enamoured with the brand’s Japanese Cherry Blossom range (pictured above). As its name suggests, this is a “floriental” composed of delicate floral notes that evoke the Far East: Asian pear, ume plum, fuji apple and some exotic bloom called Butterfly Lily.

Far from being hammy and heavy-handed, the scent was like a shivery gust from Kyoto, hauntingly lyrical with a profoundly lovely vanilla drydown. Consider us sold!

So yes, BBW’s passed the smell test for us. We’ll be making another trip down very soon to test drive the other unguents and wash-off gels at the nifty in-store wash stand – first dibs on the intriguingly monickered Midnight Pomegranate and Forever Midnight! – so take a leap of faith and check out the very gift-friendly stuff for yourself. Have fun perfume perusing!

Bath & Body Works Singapore is located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #B2-42, Canal Level. For more information, visit and follow Bath & Body Works Singapore on Facebook.