Kose Sekkisei Essential Souffle.

It can be a feat to find prolonged periods of me-time. Our suggestion: find them in smaller pockets every day – and make every minute count.

Even if that minute is simply being in the moment as you apply a particularly sensorial product on your skin. That product is Kose Sekkisei Essential Souffle.

Creating a sensorial experience

Newly launched in Oct, Sekkisei Essential Souffle is a softening moisturiser that combines the best of a beauty essence (also known as serum) and an emulsion for moisturised skin that feels comfortable, smooth and supple.

Unlike regular emulsions that tend to leave a sticky residue and/or don’t seem to get fully absorbed into the skin, Essential Souffle is designed to penetrate quickly into the skin and moisturise without leaving a sticky residue. And it comes with a light, floral scent, too.

2-in-1: The Smart Emulsion

Kose Sekkisei Essential Souffle.

While the concept of multi-use skincare products is not new, it is always appreciated when a product can help us save steps – and therefore, time – in our skincare routines. 

The essence part of the product combats skin dryness with Asian plant extracts such as sesame oil to soften skin, and lithospermum root extract to soothe, moisturise and protect. 

The emulsion component features Kose’s Two-layer Sealing Formula, where a hydration-supply oil ensures that moisture stays in the skin, while a souffle-sensation oil keeps the skin soft, supple and non-sticky. 

A Skin-affinity Dispersion Technology guarantees that moisture is delivered: the emulsion molecules have a structure that breaks down and releases the moisturising formula upon contact with minerals naturally found on the skin surface. 

With this dual approach, you get a lightweight emulsion that helps soften and hydrate the skin, while locking in moisture and brightening your complexion. Skin is said to feel as soft as a souffle.

Suitable for all skin types, in the day, apply the Kose Sekkisei Essential Souffle after your toner – then go straight to sunscreen (yes, it’s that moisturising!). At night, make Essential Souffle the last step in your skincare routine, after you’ve applied all other serums.  

The Kose Sekkisei Essential Souffle retails at $52 (140ml). It is available at all Kose counters, selected Welcia stores, Don Don Donki, as well as at the Kose Flagship Store on Lazada.


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