Besides giving the illusion of a youthful appearance, the look is popular among Asians because it tends to complement their smaller, more delicate features compared to Westerners.

Embodied by many South Korean celebrities – some of whom have been rumoured to have gone under the knife to achieve faces that are palm-sized and well-lifted – Korean-based non-invasive aesthetic centre Yakson Singapore has been turning the tide against surgical procedures with the use of its signature Golki Therapy to help women attain their desired face shape. The technique, which has been backed by research from Seoul National University and has been around for over 37 years, can only be practised by their academy-trained Master Therapists.

One of them is Ms Jessica Kim, 25, who has been stationed at Yakson Singapore’s Star Vista branch since April. On the benefits of Golki, the South Korean national, who joined Yakson Korea in 2012 and trained under its founder Lee Byung Chul, told The New Paper via an e-mail interview: “The therapy involves unique bone massage techniques to realign the bone structure to its original, symmetrical shape. “This leads to an increase in core blood circulation to the skin and muscles, improving the supply of nutrients and discharge of waste.”

The feasibility of this therapy is based on German anatomist-surgeon Julius Wolff’s law, which states that human bones will be able to adapt and strengthen under pressure. According to Ms Kim, who graduated in beauty care from Sangji Youngseo College in 2013, this results in better health and a noticeable face structure.

‘Small face’ care

These changes are also tracked over the full course of 20 two-hour sessions, including for their most popular treatment, Small Face Care ($3,840 for 20 sessions), that more than 1,000 women have undergone.  Golki Therapy is 100 per cent natural, with zero post-treatment downtime, and effects are permanent and lasting. Visible results can be seen after five consecutive weeks of treatments, with more significant results apparent between three and six months.

Ms Kim said: “As a way of measuring the efficacy of Golki Therapy programmes, a plaster mask is moulded on the first, 10th and 20th session of every client’s treatment in order to monitor the progress and show the visual changes to the facial structure.” According to her, most clients are concerned about having a square or wide jawline, protruding cheekbones and sagging skin.

She added: “Asymmetrical facial features are partly caused by seemingly harmless habits that many ladies commit unconsciously on a daily basis.” Some of Ms Kim’s tips to counter such woes include not chewing food on the predominant side of the mouth and refraining from constantly sitting cross-legged, which could lead to an unbalanced pelvis (linked to the spine and neck), gradually causing facial muscle misalignment. Aside from face and body treatments, Yakson Singapore also offers custom services, such as wedding care for brides-to-be and prenatal care.

A version of this article was originally published on The New Paper.