This is the first in a series where the team braves heated medical instruments, sharp objects and public humiliation to bring you our experieces testing the latest slimming treatments on offer.

Acoustic Wave Therapy Treatment At Nu.Reflections

Price: Usual price is $350 per half-hour session but a special price of $100 is available for May only.

Where: Nu.Reflections, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road #04-18 The Amara (Amara Professional Centre) Tel: 6222 4552 / 6222 4575

What: High intensity sound waves are delivered over a short period of time, like shockwaves. This stimulates and gets to the fat cells, improving micro-circulation – treating the underlying problem instead of the symptoms like dimply appearance.

Dr Ivan Tan*, who runs the Nu.Reflections clinic, says that cellulite is a structural problem. Our connective tissue, made up of collagen, hardens over time, resulting in a dimpled appearance. This is why exercise can train your muscles but it won’t improve your cellulite condition, so mechanical intervention is needed. The treatment aims to relax these hardened connective tissues and increase blood circulation which then causes collagen production to be stimulated – meaning your skin gets a firmer appearance.

How it felt: The treatment consisted of 2 different handpieces being massaged over my thighs – the first one was heated while the second one was slightly more uncomfortable and can be likened to being poked at a fast speed by many blunt needles. But overall, the experience wasn’t that unpleasant and I even fell asleep at one point.

Verdict: My cellulite-ridden thighs did look a lot smoother after the treatments – just check out the before and after pictures. The therapist said that my cellulite was in the worst stage, meaning that it was obvious whether I was standing or lying down, so one treatment definitely would make a big difference. And it could have been psychological, but my thighs seemed firmer and smoother in the days following the treatment.

Caution: Dr Tan says that there’ve been no reports of adverse effects from undergoing the treatment so far. Those who should avoid it: Patients with open wounds at the treatment area. They should wait for the wound to heal before doing the treatment. Individual results will vary.

*Dr Ivan Tan has been in private aesthetic practice for the last 10 years. He is experienced in most aesthetic procedures including Botox, fillers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) services. He is also one of the Ministry of Health’s accredited liposuction doctors in Singapore