Feeling self-conscious in swimsuits? Trying to fit into that dress that you used to wear? Beat the bulge, regain your self-confidence and achieve your ideal weight with the weight-loss programmes from London Weight Management.

Through its Quick & Easy Slimming Treatment, London Weight Management promises to help trim tummy fat, flabby arms, heavy thighs and tackle overall obesity.

To keep the weight loss long-lasting, this slimming programme aims to increase your body’s metabolism, break down stubborn fat deposits, rid your body of toxins and reduce excess water retention.

According to London Weight Management’ the treatment will also help tone your body, tighten skin elasticity and reduce cellulite and stretch marks so that you look beach-perfect in your swimsuit.
With just one treatment, London Weight Management promises to deliver up to 3 kilograms loss in weight or 8 to 22cm in girth. The success of its weight-loss programmes has earned it the accolades of being Singapore’s Most Effective*, Most Trusted*, Number One Recommended* and Number One Recognised Slimming Brand*.

In the past 11 years, London Weight Management has transformed the lives of women by helping them achieve the svelte, lithe figure that they desire. In celebration of their success, satisfied customers have been featured on London’s ad campaigns as testimony to London Weight Management’s weight-loss efficacy.

Find your “problem” areas: Listen to a detailed body fat analysis conducted by London Weight Management professionals to help you achieve the best slimming results. After which, a suitable slimming programme will be selected and tailor-fitted to meet your weight-loss needs.

There are no pills, injections, surgery or unhealthy crash diets involved in London’s weight loss programmes. With natural botanical products and advanced slimming equipment, London will help you get rid of those extra kilos, without any side-effects.

* Based on Connecting Insights Consultants’ Hair, Face and Body Brand Awareness Survey Report, August 2010.
Exclusively for females only
^ Refer to full-body weight loss


  1. Weight loss results varies from customer to customer, depending on individual’s constitution.
  2. Check with your doctor before embarking on any slimming programme.
  3. There is no scientific proof that any slimming programme can achieve permanent weight loss, except when accompanied with a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  4. Use in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise.
All persons under 21 years of age must seek parental consent before proceeding.

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