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We don’t know how American pop star Ariana Grande packs so much musical talent into her petite 1.53m frame. Go watch her Wheel of Musical Impressions video on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’s Youtube channel and you’ll know what we mean (if you don’t already). That video tops the view count out of all the others of this segment at 132 million views, with Christina Aguilera’s coming in a far second with 84 million views (just to put things in perspective). 

But we do know two things. One, she’s turning 26 this June (Happy Birthday, Ariana!). And two, her signature look is always going to be a sleek, sky-high ponytail because entertainment outlets are constantly putting out articles and freaking out about her ditching her ponytail whenever she’s seen without it. So it’s here to stay, that is, until she gets sick of all that attention. Before she says thank you, next to the look, here are the steps on to how get it.

1. Work a styling cream from the roots of your hair (avoiding your scalp) to about four to five inches along its length. We like the Larry King Haircare A Social Life For Your Hair finishing cream – it has just enough stickiness to hold hair in place without weighing it down.

Approx. US$27 (S$37) for 80ml, from Net-a-Porter.


2. Draw an imaginary line upwards from the highest point of your cheekbones to the top of your head. That’s where your ponytail should be tied.

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3. Pull up your hair with your fingers to that point, patting out any bumps and uneven sections along the way. Make sure all your hair is smooth and held taut before using a hair tie to secure your ponytail.

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4. If your hair is not long or voluminous enough, you can wrap or attach hair extensions that come in clip-on or taped forms around the ponytail. Take a second hair tie and tie it around the ponytail about half to one centimetre away from your first hair tie. This helps to secure any hair extensions and makes the ponytail look even higher.

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5. Take out a small section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair ties to obscure them. How thick this section of hair is depends on how thick you want the band to be.

Secure the end of that section of hair in with a bobby pin (or more if you have to). Choose those flat and straight bobby pins (not the ones with a wavy top) because they are able to hold hair down more securely and tightly.

This makes your ponytail look more polished. Or use a scrunchie or patterned hair wrap to get a cuter look.

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6. Spray some hairspray onto the bristles of a used toothbrush and work it from the roots to the hair tie to tame flyaways to add to the sleekness of the ponytail. Try Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray, which is resistant to humidity and gives a strong hold without making hair look stiff.

$12 for 50ml, $26 for 250ml, from Sephora.


7.  And finally, if you can’t visualise what we are saying, watch this Youtube tutorial where hairstylist Chris Appleton, who counts Ariana and Jennifer Lopez, among others, as his celebrity clients, demonstrates how to get the high ponytail.