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We’ve been bombarded with various skincare routines, steps and products and we get it; it can be daunting. Some of you may have doubts on whether you should exfoliate every day or whether you should stick to one specific brand for your entire skincare regime. There are plenty of questions and sometimes it’s difficult to know where we should even begin.

That’s why we’re going back to the essentials today. It doesn’t matter if you abide by a 14-step skincare routine or whether you’re someone who loves your luxury products. Following this basic skincare guide is your key to a glowing complexion.


1. Determine your current skin type



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We don’t have just one type of skin concern throughout our entire life. Some of us had serious breakouts with oily skin during our teen years, then transformed to combination skin after puberty, all thanks to our hormones. Such changes indicate that you need a switch for brand new skincare routine to target your different needs after a decade of using the same products. If you’re uncertain about your exact skin type, it’s better to consult a reputable skin specialist to find out what exactly your skin needs the most.


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2. Cleanse, tone and moisturise



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The secret to maintaining a healthy, well-hydrated skin is to never cut corners with these three basic yet major steps. Use a correct cleanser that suits your skin type: Never use a harsh facial wash on your delicate skin that strips away any essential sebum. You can follow up with a toner that helps to remove impurities left and get your skin ready for the next step: moisturising. Even if you have the oiliest skin, do not skip moisturising. We repeat: Do not skip moisturising! Proper hydration is needed to plump your skin and it even helps to control sebum secretion. 


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3. Take off your makeup every night



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You don’t need an Insta-worthy look every day of the week, and especially not during the hours when you hit the sack. Take off every bit of makeup on your face with a gentle makeup remover (not facial wipes), then you are granted a pass to get all comfy on your bed without worrying about your skin. Being too tired is never an excuse. Your pillowcase and your complexion will thank us (and you) for it!


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4. Drink plenty of water



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In fairytales, people are always seeking for the fountain of youth – but does it really exist? Well, yes and you’re sipping it every single day. We know you’ve probably heard this enough times before but downing plenty of water is the best method to looking young. Stash a bottle of water on your work desk or handbag to encourage yourself to drink up no matter where you are. You could make ‘dress up’ your water by infusing it with berries or mint leaves or even some lemon slices for a more refreshing taste.


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5. Plump up your skin even more with a facial



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Whether you’re doing it at home or at a special treatment at the spa, rejuvenate your skin with masks every now and then can help to polish your skin. We suggest pampering your face at least once or twice a week with sheet masks, wash-off mask or even go chemical-free with DIY face masks to fill up the replenish the moisture you’ve lost and sooth your skin. Plus, what’s better than having a good facial and quality solo time during the weekend?


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