Do you have “oily” skin that is actually dehydrated on the inside?

Many people with oily skin avoid applying moisturiser like the plague, and while that may sound prudent, it’s actually a terribly wrong approach to skincare. Whether we have oily, dry, normal (oh, you lucky normal skinned folks) or combination skin, hydrating your face is a lot more important than you may realise.

Dehydrated skin is a pretty common problem in Singapore, which shouldn’t be too unexpected given how many of us spend long hours stuck in an enclosed air conditioned office. Yes, oily skin types, even you guys may have dehydrated skin! In fact, dehydration may be one of the contributing factors leading to an oily complexion.

You see, while there are a number of contributing factors beyond your control (think genetics, for one), excess oil production can also occur when the skin is insufficiently hydrated to compensate for the lack of moisture on the skin’s surface, which in turn can actually contribute to the buildup of dirt and sebum in your pores.

Dehydration affects other skin types as well, all of which can eventually result in the deepening of wrinkles, flakiness and an overall dull complexion. A dead giveaway of dry skin is if your makeup doesn’t seem to sit well and tends to crack or cake up over the course of the day.

So, what can you do?

The easiest answer is to moisturise, of course. Simply slathering on your go-to moisturiser before your regular makeup routine, however, may not cut it. It may seem like a little more effort, but you only really require three simple steps.

But wait! We know you can’t wait to wash it all off and feel squeaky clean again, but a harsh facial wash may not actually be good for your skin. Washing your face gets rid of griminess, but it can also strip away the essential oils needed to keep your face plump and hydrated.

Instead, you’re better off gunning for mild facial washes that cleanse your skin thoroughly without leaving it dry and thirsty. Something like Japanese beauty expert ORBIS AQUAFORCE Mild Wash is perfect, as the formula includes amino acid cleansing agents to slough off the day’s dirt without leaching your face of all its precious moisture.

Complete the cleansing component of your regime by gently patting dry with a soft and clean towel and pressing a few drops of a soothing lotion like the ORBIS AQUAFORCE Lotion into your face. Accustomed to rubbing your skin with your wash cloth? That’s something that needs to stop, as the excess friction can aggravate sensitive skin. Patting off excess water and following up with a lotion is all you need, because your face needs to be slightly damp for the next step.

Here’s one guiding principle to live by when selecting a moisturiser: Has your skin lost its ability to “retain” water as well as it should? This could be a sign of dehydration in the inner layers of your dermis. Pockets of dryness in your corneal layers can weaken the structure of your skin cells.

Enter Moisture Magnet AQ, a new ingredient presents in all three products of the AQUAFORCE range. The hero ingredient promises to “refill” the empty reservoirs in your corneal layer, effectively drawing moisture to areas where there is little to none. This is exactly what the doctor ordered for anyone who is in desperate need of hydration.

One more thing: When applying your moisturiser, ensure that your cleansed face is slightly damp, as it’s easier to re-hydrate your skin when there’s some moisture present to begin with. In fact, you should start applying your product immediately after stepping out of the shower to lock in all of the moisture. Sealing in all of moisture at the optimal time is just about as important as using the right product.

Finally, feel free to massage in your moisturiser with gentle circular motions; this will encourage blood flow and give your visage that lively boost and a natural glow.