Here’s why needle patches will be your new skincare BFF

Photo: 123rf

Let’s be real: as amazing as some skincare products might sound, we all know that there are limits as to what topical skincare products can do. Which is why some women turn to aesthetic treatments like lasers, threadlifts and injectables for more pronounced and long-lasting results. But if anything remotely invasive makes you cringe, would something that improves the penetration of active ingredients while remaining non-invasive sound like a fantastic alternative?

Enter the category of needle patches: skincare patches which come with tiny spikes on one end so that when applied onto the skin, pushes active ingredients deeper into the skin without actually being invasive. The idea of delivery active ingredients into the body via such needle patches is not new, as it’s been used in medical therapies to deliver drugs into the blood via the skin. Now adapted to be suitable for at-home use, these tiny needles are usually made with soluble ingredients so that they can be completely absorbed into the skin over time while releasing specific active ingredients to target skin conditions like breakouts and fine lines.

From the moment you apply these patches onto your skin, the tiny needles first make tiny openings into your skin surface to facilitate optimal penetration of active ingredients. And as they start to dissolve, these active skincare ingredients then get absorbed by skin cells for their desired effect. Here, the best needle patches to try, regardless of whether you need to calm breakouts or plump wrinkles: