Consider this your PSA if you’re one for frequent selfies: chances are, your skin might be looking more tired and dull of late because of it. Say what?

You probably don’t realise it, but the type of light emitted from your mobile phone is a high-energy visible light that supposedly accelerates the aging process as it is said to penetrate the skin more deeply than UV rays. Over time, this can cause collagen damage, making your skin weaker and less youthful-looking. Also, as we all know, natural lighting is the best type of lighting for selfies – hands up those of you who intentionally face windows or stand outdoors for that perfect shot! Well, unless you have very good sunscreen habits, this is also another reason why you might be experiencing pigmentation. The sun exposure aside, your phone is probably reflecting the UV rays off onto your face, magnifying the damaging effects of the sun. Yikes! To make matters worse, when you suffer from pigmentation, light is not reflected evenly off your skin, which causes your complexion to look dull and tired.

Even if you aren’t taking selfies often, just being outdoors contributes to skin’s aging significantly – even more so if you’re into that #beachlife or sports that require you to spend long hours under the sun. UVB rays cause sunburn and uneven pigmentation, while UVA and infrared radiation penetrates deep into the skin and damages existing collagen while inhibiting collagen production – the perfect recipe for wrinkles and sagging skin. Again, unless your sunscreen game is on point, habitual UV exposure will over time, cause the blood vessels in your face to become more prominent, causing redness.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to give up taking selfies or beach vacations to Bali. If your skin has been looking duller and more tired of late, medi-spa Privé Aesthetics has a range of science-backed treatments to bring that glow back to your complexion.

Milk Peel

Not just for drinking, Privé’s Milk Peel taps into the AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acid) present in milk and yoghurt to cleanse, exfoliate, lighten pigmentation and rejuvenate your skin. The periodic peeling caused by the acids stimulate activity, and as it is super gentle, makes it an ideal facial treatment option for everything from age spots, acne, enlarged pores and pigmentation disorders. The benefits of the Milk Peel treatment also include: exfoliation of the skin’s surface, deep pore cleansing, improvement of the appearance of hyperpigmentation, evening out of skin tone, brightened and lightened skin, and improvement in the appearance of light wrinkles.

IPL Facetherapy

Alternatively, you could harness the powers of medical-grade radio frequency and light energies instead. Combining the bi-polar frequencies of these sources of energy, you can safely target pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun spots and age spots. This facial pigmentation treatment heats the skin at the level of the dermis, which breaks up the pigments and stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibres, helping to restructure and restore skin to a more youthful state.

Discovery Pico and Revlite

Offered only at clinics, these pigment laser treatments can only be administered by doctors and help to lighten pigmentation and balance skin tone to improve clarity, glow and radiance. A special wavelength of light energy is produced by the lasers, which is absorbed by the pigmented lesions in your skin. The light then vibrates and shatters the pigments, which breaks up the melanin into micro-particles and lightens the lesion. These particles are then reabsorbed by the body and eliminated with the help of our immune system. The spot(s) will turn white or grey for a few minutes, and then turn darker. Over the course of 1-2 weeks, it will then by sloughed off as the body heals. This type of procedure typically takes 3-6 treatments to see results, and once completely removed, these pigmented lesions will not return. However, as with all treatments, sun protection is crucial to prevent the formation of new pigmentation.

Enjoy your first Milk Peel treatment at a special first-trial price of just $98 nett. Contact Privé Aesthetics to make your appointment at +65 9656 5380 or email them at contact@priveaesthetics.