Healthy skin for all ages begins with a strong moisture barrier

Call it the skin’s safeguard or firewall. The moisture barrier is what holds the skin’s basic functions together – keep moisture in, keep environmental irritants out. It needs to have the right ratio of water and sebum for it to be functional. When it is working perfectly, you can see and feel the difference. Skin is plump and moist, and its tone is brighter. It doesn’t feel tight, itchy and/or dry, rough or flaky. It won’t be reactive or become sensitive. Pore-related problems will be minimised. And it will be resilient to premature ageing.

What damages skin’s moisture barrier:
• Anything that strips skin of moisture and leaves it feeling dry and tight
• Not using sun protection
• Frequent temperature changes (for example, going from an air-conditioned environment to a hot, humid one)
• Fatigue and stress 

Signs of a damaged moisture barrier:
• Dehydrated and flaky skin with fine lines
• Dryness, redness and sensitivity like itchiness and stinging sensations
• Oiliness, with rough and dry patches
• Slower healing


INNISFREE’S Jeju Lava Seawater is the South Korean brand’s latest skincare that restores, strengthens and protects skin’s moisture barrier function

To have skin that doesn’t age before its time, and isn’t constantly dehydrated and reactive, you need it to have the ability to retain water. The Jeju Lava Seawater range, made up of eight skincare items, helps skin do that with the most unique ingredient – lava seawater drawn from Jeju Island’s underground volcanic bedrock layers. Here, the three reasons why and how it helps repair a damaged moisture barrier and fight premature ageing for healthier skin that’s plump, smooth and moisturised.


It’s seawater that has been filtered through layers of volcanic bedrock, which lets it keep natural minerals that are beneficial to the skin and filters out harmful compounds.


The temperature, salinity and pH level of lava seawater remain stable throughout the year and are not affected by environmental conditions. That’s why it’s ideal for skincare products.


Some are common and some are rare, and they are integral to healthy skin. The minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, germanium and selenium. The minerals work in tandem to boost cellular energy and strengthen the skin’s moisturising factors to improve its innate hydration retention ability so it looks firmer and more youthful.


Skin $35
Prep skin after cleansing
Use Skin, a light fluid, to help subsequent skincare be better absorbed.

Skin + Ampoule $39
OPTIONAL: Add Ampoule
For a shot of extra antioxidants, empty the Ampoule into Skin, shake to mix, then use.

Essence $46
Boost hydration
There are two versions of this product. Both are serums that deliver moisture fast to strengthen the skin’s barrier function. Choose Essence for dehydrated skin, or Deep Essence with the addition of ceramide capsules to repair extra-dry or damaged skin.

Lotion $35
Lock in moisture
The Lotion is a lightweight emulsion that balances the skin’s oil-water ratio. A healthy moisture barrier increases the efficacy of subsequent skincare.

Eye Serum $46
Hydrate the eyes
This lightweight Eye Serum with shea butter and xanthan gum has a cooling metal massage tip to minimise fine lines and soothe puffiness.

Cream $45
Intense hydration
The gel-like Cream moisturiser is enriched with essence and ceramide capsules to better plump and hydrate your skin.

Mist $28
OPTIONAL:  On the go: Mist
Skin gets a moisture boost as and when with this facial spray which has extracts of coconut. Can be used over makeup, too.


Exclusive in November
Receive a 4-piece Jeju Lava Seawater Essence Special Kit with purchase of Essence or Deep Essence. Available while stocks last. Visit for more information.


Readers’ reviews

“My skin was very dry as I’m always in air-conditioned areas, but this range leaves it fresh and moisturised all day. I have no more flaky patches or skin irritation. What’s even better: the products are absorbed fast and feel really light too.” – Jaslin Ting, 28, senior HR associate executive

“These products firm and hydrate without clogging my skin or leaving a heavy, oily feel. After a week, the peeling around my nose and cheeks has lessened considerably and my complexion looks brighter too.” – Kelly Li, 34, sales & marketing manager

“I have dry and very sensitive skin, but these products cause no irritation at all and my skin is smoother and plumper after use. I love that they feel lightweight even when layered on, but are hydrating enough to keep my skin moist throughout the day.” – Caroline Tan, 38, civil servant