We use only the best plant-based ingredients from Japan whose effects are well proven. The key components in all our products are our high-quality essential oils. Each oil is extracted in its whole concentrated form – not just its aromatic components – from the plants. Each formula is then blended in the most effective way for its intended use. Each formula, enfolded in the therapeutic scent of essential oils, is also the most refreshing and relaxing to use.
What you see is what you get: every product clearly lists its contents and the percentage of naturally-derived ingredients.
THREE is a holistic beauty brand for both men and women. Our products are unisex and tailored for every lifestyle.
Our Mantra
We use plant-based ingredients grown in Japan, and they are organically certified by France’s Ecocert and the UK’s Soil Association, or conform to the same standards.

We use them for our essential oils, botanical oils, botanical waters and botanical extracts.

We do not use genetically modified ingredients.

We do not use any artificial fragrances or colouring.

We do not use parabens.

We do not conduct animal testing.

Why We Use Essential Oils in
The four key essential oils in our skin, hair and body products
Essential oils are special
Defined as hydrophobic liquids with volatile aroma compounds from plants, they have a complex composition and cannot be imitated in a lab. For example, in a synthetic formula of 10 components, you get 10 active ingredients. With essential oils, each type has between 100 and 400 components. When a formula has a blend of 10 essential oils, you get between 1,000 and 4,000 components.
They are essential to our well-being in every way
Of our five senses, smell affects us the most – physically, mentally and emotionally. The scent of essential oils has a great influence on alleviating stress, anxiety and depression. It has been scientifically proven that it has a positive therapeutic effect on our autonomic nervous system: it soothes the body by decreasing our breathing, heart rate and blood pressure, and helps us achieve the balance we need in our modern lives.


It is one of the most popular citrus oils, and is well known for giving Earl Grey tea its distinct aroma. Its oil has a fresh, sweet fragrance that calms and refreshes. It has various active ingredients that are composed in a well-balanced way. This enhances its effectiveness in promoting stability for the mind and body. On the skin, it’s an ideal skin-condition regulator, preventing dryness while normalising sebum production, has astringent properties, and heals damaged cells.


Also known as olibanum, it is extracted from tree resin and has a sweet, spicy yet fresh scent. The oil is effective in assisting the distribution of oxygen around the body. Frankincense also promotes cellular activity and is regarded as an anti-ageing oil.

Green Tea Seed
It is a common practice to use only green tea leaves and discard the fruits. THREE analysed the fruit from Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, and found that the seeds have a highly emollient and permeable oil – with linoleic and olein acids – that’s closer to the skin’s natural humectants and sebum than jojoba. It helps skin retain moisture better, and is also high in antioxidants that protect the skin.
The herb has been used as a medicine and for cooking since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, marjoram was considered an embodiment of happiness with divine powers. The sweet and warm, spicy aroma of the oil is relaxing; it reduces anxiety and stress. The oil can warm the mind and body, improving blood circulation, which is vital for healthy body functions. It can also reduce muscular and menstrual pain, and swelling, and stimulate skin functions so that the skin appears more radiant.
The ranges in
This is our best-selling line. Why? Because balance – the proper ratio of moisture and oil – is the most fundamental requirement for healthy, beautiful skin. This line restores skin’s equilibrium when it has been stressed by either physical or environmental conditions.
Unlike most brands, we don’t subscribe to the anti-ageing philosophy. Why? Because ageing is part of the natural cycle of life, and it should be celebrated, not hidden. That’s why we call our Aiming range an “ageing line” that celebrates beauty by looking ahead, not looking back, with skincare that deeply moisturises, softens and plumps.
Our skin works 24/7: it focuses on defence during the day and repair at night. Our Conditioning line works with the body’s biological rhythm so that skin can switch between defence and repair, and restore its health.


THREE’s philosophy of makeup: products that help busy women look their natural and positive best – quickly and easily. All our base makeup has 80% organic botanical oils like argan and green tea seed that care for the skin, and it emulates natural bare skin. All Point makeup, which enhances the features, has translucent shades that melt into skin, and smooth, soothing textures to inspire in you the joy of wearing makeup.


This line of body care – from wash to moisturisers and massage treatment oils – is specifically designed to counter the daily drying effects of our hot-outside- and-cold-inside environment.

The Definitive
Created for men, this line debunks every theory that a man’s skin, being thicker, oilier and more robust, is stronger than a woman’s, or not as sensitive. It is actually the opposite. Men’s skin, oily on top but much drier below, has a weaker barrier function, which makes it more sensitive and delicate than women’s. THREE focuses on this by creating the ideal moisture balance for skin that feels comfortable. Although The Definitive is designed for men, it can also be used by women as THREE’s care products are all unisex.
Scalp & Hair
Our promise: shampoos and conditioners with 93% of their ingredients that are naturally-derived and silicone-free. They reduce scalp tension, moisturise, and are gentle even on sensitive scalps.
The best way to get the best from our products
Tip liquid products gently before use
Essential oils are lipophilic and do not mix well with water. One very gentle shake before each use mixes the essential oils evenly, and keeps the product consistent from start to finish.
How to apply products properly
Always warm each product between your palms before every application to ensure your skin absorbs it better. Press the product firmly into your skin, but don’t pat the product repeatedly into the skin, as this causes the essential oils to vaporise.
Close lids tightly
Essential oils are volatile ingredients. It is important to tightly close the lid of every product after each use to prevent loss of their efficacy. Bar soaps should also be stored in a case with a cover.
Store them in the right place
Essential oils and other naturally-derived ingredients are prone to deterioration with heat and humidity. Do not store THREE’s products near windows or in places that are exposed to direct sunlight or in hot and humid closets/drawers.

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