Surprising beauty hacks to make the best use of your facial treatment essence!

Jumpstart your beauty regime with this powerful player

Newsflash: An essence is essential for a crystal clear complexion.

Case in point? SK-II’s legendary Facial Treatment Essence. Unlike traditional toners which work as the very last step of cleansing to rid your skin of any residual gunk, your “miracle” essence should be regarded as a targeted treatment in its own right – it’s packed with over 90 percent Pitera, a fermented yeast extract that’s amped up with amino acids, vitamins and minerals, all of which combine to create a powerful potion for superbly soft and smooth skin.

But how should you be using your very own bottle of “miracle water”? Read on for all the tips and tricks you need to maximise the mileage out of your Facial Treatment Essence!


Anytime and anywhere – even over makeup.

Surprising beauty hacks to make the best use of your facial treatment essence!

Your social calendar at this time of the year is particularly packed, and you want your foundation to look fresh and flawless from dusk to dawn.

But what happens if you find your complexion caking up mid-day? Easy. Your Facial Treatment Essence is perfect as a deeply hydrating pick-me-up you can practically douse yourself in without fear of disrupting your face paint. Simply warm up a couple of drops in your palms, then pat gently over any dry patches or spots for an instant smoothening fix.


As a quickie eye mask in the morning.

Surprising beauty hacks to make the best use of your facial treatment essence!

Let’s get real here, guys: Undereye bags are terrible tell-tale signs of tiredness and torpor, and odds are you’ll be looking a little worse for wear from your year-end shenanigans.

Here’s how to de-stuff, de-puff and detoxify your way to perky wide-awake peepers in a jiffy. Saturate a couple of cotton pads with your Facial Treatment Essence, drop them into a sealed Ziploc bag, then chuck it into the freezer.

The morning after, fish out two of the chilled cotton pads and place them over your eyes like old-school cucumber slices, kick back your feet and relax for five minutes. The coolness will lend an instant lift to your lids and shrink swollen capillaries for less puffy eyes virtually instantly. Bye-bye, bags!


As an emergency DIY mask before heading out of the house.

Surprising beauty hacks to make the best use of your facial treatment essence!

Pulled one too many all-nighters in the office and have the pasty and puffy complexion to show for it? I feel you, #gurl.

Here’s how to fend off fatigue for visibly softer and smoother skin, even if you’re running on empty: Simply soak dry facial cotton sheets from a drugstore with your essence, stick them in a sealed Ziploc bag and stash it in the fridge.

Once the sheets are nice and cool, slap them on your face – one across the forehead, one for each side of your cheeks, and one you press into place across your nose bridge. Leave them on to work their magic for one minute, then proceed with the rest of your skincare. The soothing salve will quench your thirsty skin, reduce redness and supercharge your mien with moisture for a subtle sheen.

These speedy spot treatments are industry insider secrets to the beguilingly bare dewiness so coveted in today’s no-makeup makeup world, so try them today!