Over the last year, we’ve seen mermaid-everything trend heavily on social media, inspiring hair colour, Starbucks frappes and even festival crowns. Well, we’re psyched to tell you the latest mermaid item to enter the market is not just pretty to look at, but good for your skin too. We’re talking about Skin Aqua Tone Up, a sunscreen that comes in the prettiest, mermaid-inspired packaging that was made for the Instagram generation. Since its launch in May, this antioxidant-rich and nutrient-packed sunscreen has been consistently selling out, and for the past 6 months, has remained as Japan’s favourite sunscreen.

Purple perfection
Applying sunscreen can feel like a chore, and if you need a good reason to look forward to applying it, then well, this sunscreen has it: the formula is tinted the prettiest lavender – talk about Insta-worthy. But the formula isn’t purple for no reason – the colour actually comes from a combination of blue and pink tints. Blue imbues a glass-skin translucency while pink gives your complexion a healthy radiance, coming together for a unique lavender hue that also helps to correct yellow undertones.

Skin loving nutrients
Apart from offering SPF50+ UV protection, the Skin Aqua Tone Up formula is also infused with ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich vitamin C that will leave your skin supple, clear and protected against environmental aggressors. The sunscreen is packed with Skin Aqua’s unique Pure Nuance complex, a trio of fruit extracts that help to improve your skin’s overall appearance. Prune helps suppress skin darkening and inhibits melanin production, passionflower calms skin and reduces puffiness while chestnut rose offers impressive anti-aging properties and lessens redness caused by UV damage.

Make up friendly
Unlike other sunscreens that can leave a dreaded white cast, this one is packed with iridescent strobe pearl particles. This diffuses light to give dull skin a radiant glow while blurring away imperfections. The smooth formula practically glides onto your skin too, making it suitable as a make up base.

Perfect for daily use
We love that this sunscreen is available as an essence for pre-makeup application and a mist for mid-day touch ups. The mist is ultra-fine and distributes evenly, even on top of make-up so there’s no excuse not to reapply. Despite being highly waterproof, the sunscreen can be removed with just regular soap, and is suitable for both your face and body.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence SPF50+ PA++++ ($27.90) and Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Mist SPF50+ PA ++++ ($19.90) is now available at Watsons.


Tried SUNPLAY Skin Aqua’s Tone Up UV Essence and Mist and liked them both. I was a bit worried initially as this product is lavender-coloured and I wasn’t sure how it is going to appear on my face, but it turns out perfectly fine and absorbs well. I really saw a glow to my face (which I like)! The lavender shade helps to colour correct dull skin to give a translucent and natural radiance. For those people who hate dealing with sunblock because it leaves a sticky film on hands, the UV Spray is perfect for you. All you have to do is shake it a couple of times and then spray. I really like the convenience of this product. Overall, I fell in love with the packaging of this product when I first set my eyes on it.

Been wanting to get a spray-on sunscreen for a quick protection before I go out for lunch and decided to try SKIN AQUA sunscreen. Was a bit afraid that it would ruin my makeup and leave the sticky feeling, but it was actually really refreshing with no chalky or gunky residue. Very much like a moisturising mist. I tried the essence on my hand (hand on the left is the one with the essence). According to the packaging, it’s supposed to colour correct skin tone and brighten dull skin…and true enough, I could see a slight glow and matt texture on the left as compared with the one without. For SPF 50+ PA++++, this is actually quite affordable!

The new Skin Aqua Tone Up was Mermaid for Me !! Being the type of person who neglects sunscreen, Skin Aqua’s Tone Up UV Essence and Mist is the perfect solution for me. Besides being a sunscreen, it has a sheer lavender tint, perfect for reducing yellow undertones. Furthermore, the iridescent strobe pearl powder diffuses light for a brighter more luminous complexion! If that isn’t good enough, Skin Aqua also has its own range of skincare properties such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Fruit Extract, perfect for everyday use as a light makeup base.

Find out more about this mermazing sunscreen at: https://bit.ly/2qYQ4e8