Is stress taking its toll on your skin?

It’s impossible to avoid stress and fatigue – our constantly pinging inboxes and long work hours mean we can’t just switch off, and then there’s that “15 seconds till your next episode starts…” thing. The trouble is that a stressful lifestyle and lack of sleep affect the way our skin cells develop and the cell turnover process, which can lead your complexion to look dull, dry and flaky.

If you’re not able to dial down the stress, you need to increase the strength and resilience of your skin. ORBIS Advancing Essence Gel ($52) is designed to do just that, nurturing skin from within so it’s able to stand up to the demands of a hectic urban lifestyle.

Is stress taking its toll on your skin?

It contains a peppermint derivative that supposedly encourages the production of new skin cells. There’s also sea grass extract, which is said to allow new cells to develop properly so they can protect against moisture loss, injuries and toxins. Finally, there’s Extremely Water-retaining Trehalose, which provides an intensely moisturising environment that allows for proper cell turnover and restores surface cells damaged by stress. With consistent use, skin becomes stronger, more resistant to stress and fatigue, hydrated, bright and beautiful.

Like all the brand’s skincare products, Advancing Essence Gel is oil-free. It also has no fragrances, artificial colours or synthetic surfactants, and is allergy-tested. Use the gel-textured product day and night, after lotion and before moisturiser – take a red-bean-sized amount and gently apply to the whole face.

ORBIS Advancing Essence Gel is currently retailing at $52 at all the brand’s counters and stores. Free samples are available on request – click here for full listings.