#1 Tame Your Tresses

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It may come as a surprise, but healthy skin actually begins with good hair hygiene! Sweat, dirt, grime and bacteria collect on your hair and bangs daily, so it makes sense to wash them out before hitting the sack.

However, even if you have the good habit of showering daily before bed, your tresses could still be sabotaging your skincare regime. Leave-in hair products are chockfull of chemicals, oils and fragrances, many of which are not formulated for prolonged contact with your skin. They can irritate your skin, clog pores and contribute to inflammation and zits. So keep your hair out of your face at night in a loose ponytail.


#2 Order Please

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Rethink your shower regime. Hair masks and conditioners contain many rich conditioning agents that work their magic to resuscitate fried strands and even revive dull hair colour. These are not meant to come into contact with your delicate skin. So always wash your face after your wash your hair to cleanse away these hair products – not the other way round.


#3 Clean Your Dirty Laundry

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We get it – laundry is not our favourite activity too, but it’s a necessary evil. Your wet towels are breeding grounds for bacteria. So are your pillowcases, which you press your hair and face to all night. Be sure to wash them once a week to prevent this bacteria from transferring to your face and causing ghastly breakouts.


#4 Phone Etiquette

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If you’re like the rest of us, your mobile phone is practically an extension of your face. You wash your face twice a day or more, so why would you think you’d get away with cleaning your mobile phones less than once a year?

Makeup, sweat and sebum transfer from your face to your phone whenever you use it; and bacteria, grime, dirt and food greases accumulate on it whenever you touch it with your hands. In fact, many experts suggest that your mobile phones may be dirtier than even the toilet seat. So clean it weekly with an alcohol wipe. And do the same for your glasses, sunglasses and anything else you might be pressing to your face.


#5 Clean Makeup Brushes

This is as important as fresh towels! Don’t leave your brushes contaminated with traces of one-month-old makeup, bacteria and dust – this is a sure-fire way to give yourself a bad case of acne. Use a brush cleanser – or a gentle facial cleanser if you don’t want to invest in a brush cleanser. Dry your brushes with their bristles facing up in a container, not facing down so as not to distort their natural shape.


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#6 Weather-Proof Your Skincare

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You don’t have to give your entire skin regime an overhaul – just use the more lightweight products during the day to avoid clogged pores, and save your richer products for overnight use when your skin will benefit more from them anyway. Work with your skin’s natural rhythm – try to be in bed by 11pm – when your skin is primed to do its best repair work.


#7 Sweat It Out

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The best detox you can get is a good workout. Jog in the park, hit the gym or stretch out tense muscles during a hot yoga session. Exercise improves blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells. It also flushes out toxins, giving you clear skin. Just be sure to cleanse of all that grime and sweat after your workout.


#8 When Life Gives You Lemons…

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You’re probably tired of hearing celebrities and beauty experts extol the benefits of drinking lots of water. Well, you can always one-up them with hot lemon water. An ancient ayurvedic ritual, this is believed to cleanse the digestive system and rehydrate the body for clear, radiant and healthy skin. It also infuses you body with vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant for bonus anti-ageing benefits.


#9 Go Green

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We don’t mean replacing all your skincare products with pricier organic alternatives. Filling your plate with green leafy vegetables and whole food can also improve your digestive health for better detoxification and more balanced skin. Probiotic supplements can also achieve the same effect.


#10 Banish Dairy

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Did you know that cow’s milk may contribute to inflammation? The hormones present in cow’s milk can also over-stimulate oil glands, exacerbate already oily skin and result in an acne attack. So scale back on ice cream, milk and cheese, or save them for cheat days.


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