Credit: Amanda Moo

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. For Amanda Moo, it was sensitive, inflamed skin brought on by eczema, fuelled by her struggle to find products that didn’t worsen it.

The 31-year-old says the options for clean formulas and gentle ingredients were limited in Singapore.

Deciding that she needed to find out more about skincare and its ingredients, she left her job as a public relations manager in the food and lifestyle industry to dive into research, including doing a UK-based Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation online.

She turned her kitchen into a science lab, searching for the right formula for her first product. Over 30 formulations later, she was ready to launch the Himalayan Wilderness Deodorant Balm ($26.90) in December 2019, Soul Good Project’s first product.

This July, Amanda, who makes all the products by hand, adds two clay masks to her line-up. “They contain superfood ingredients to target sensitive skin and acne,” she says.

Pink Glow, with its combo of French and Australian pink clay, decongests pores and calms acne-prone skin.

Green Detox has French clay, matcha and spirulina, to soak up excess oil and exfoliate skin, leaving it cleaner and clearer.

Amanda says she wants to make a difference in how people feel about their skin – the epitome of self-love – which starts with what you put on it (and into your body).

That’s why all Soul Good Project products, from deo and sleep mists to face oils, are vegan, cruelty-free, made with plant-based ingredients, and gentle on all skin types. The deo, for example, is a blend of essential oils – cedarwood, bergamot and citrus sinensis – that offers anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and hydrating benefits to calm skin, and kill bacteria and odour.

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