The Sofina iP DODAI Essence is the first step in your skincare routine

If there is one thing you need to know about skin, it’s that it changes as you age. What used to be oily and acne-prone in your mid 20s may evolve into dull and dry once you hit 30. These skin-type changes mean your skincare has to change too.

But no one’s skin is perfect. And every kind of skin has its own unique needs. What truly matters is your skin’s health. It doesn’t matter how many products you pile on, or how much of each product you use – they won’t work as effectively or be absorbed as well, on unhealthy skin.  

Her World Editor Ng Yi Lian opening the event last Saturday

In an intimate Her World Beauty Brunch last Saturday, beauty enthusiasts from the Her World Beauty Club (our special and specialist Facebook group dedicated to all things beauty) got first dibs on how to bring their skin back to optimal health – through Sofina’s newest product offering, an improved formulation of its iP DODAI Essence. Participants learnt about the state-of-the-art tech used in the products, through a skincare sharing session with celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo.

This is how the refreshed edition of the Sofina iP DODAI Essence works: it contains carbonic acid (carbon dioxide + water), which tricks the skin to pump more oxygen to the area, activating its regenerative abilities. 

Celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo demonstrating the Sofina iP DODAI Essance on a model

To use it, pump a 3cm dollop from the bottle (don’t shake it), dot the foam around your face, then smooth it out before massaging it in. Don’t spread the foam between your palms as this will “activate” it before it gets on your face. You’ll see how rosy and radiant your complexion is right away. 

The product is meant to be used right after cleansing, where it “jumpstarts” skin’s absorption capabilities. You can use it in the morning and at night; for an at-home facial massage, the essence can be used with a facial roller too. 

Guests doing Yeo’s blood circulation “test” with the Sofina iP DODAI Essence

Here’s a little test you can do, to see the product’s effects. Pump some of it onto the back of your hand, and leave it there for one minute, without spreading it out. “When you wipe the product off, you should see a little circle of redness on your skin,” he says. “This isn’t irritation, or sensitivity. This is the result of more oxygen being delivered to that particular area, which now has higher blood circulation.”

Another feature of the iP DODAI Essence is its foam-like texture. Each pump of the essence is made of approximately 20 million micro-carbonated bubbles. These bubbles are much smaller than the size of our pores, allowing for better penetration. Compared to the previous formula which had larger bubbles, the smaller bubbles cover a larger area of skin, so you not only get more of the product, it is also absorbed better.  

Yeo explaining the science behind the Sofina iP DODAI Essence

Retaining oil has also been added to the formula. What this does is keep the carbonic acid locked into the skin, says Yeo, to maintain the increase in blood circulation. “In fact, you can gently massage the remaining product from your hands onto the under-eye area. The same science applies: with prolonged usage and improved blood circulation, dark eye circles may lighten.”

He adds: “I’ve noticed my skin feeling bouncier and looking more youthful, after about eight weeks of daily usage.”

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