We have a lot to thank science for – smartphones that allow us to control practically every aspect of our lives with just a few taps, WiFi on long-haul flights across the globe and most recently, nanorobots that might just prove to be the cure for cancer. Advances in science has dramatically changed the landscape for all industries, from medicine to travel, and naturally, the beauty scene as well.

Making the most of the latest advanced technology, award-winning medi-spa Privé Aesthetics’s concept of beauty craftsmanship was inspired by a strong belief in taking a scientific approach to help you achieve beauty and confidence inside and out. They constantly come up with innovative solutions so we don’t have to be subject to the ravages of time, and this month, they want to help you age-proof your skin.

We can eat as clean as we want and bathe in serums, but the truth is, aging is a process that cannot be stopped completely. This process however, can be slowed down and one is actually able to age beautifully like a vintage wine. The key is to understanding that during our 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, the aging process is vastly different, so it is crucial your treatments are specifically catered for your age group in order to achieve the best results. And that’s where Privé steps in.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a V-shape face, remove the appearance of a double chin that makes your look older and heavier, tighten your skin, contour your face (sans make-up), or a brow lift to fix those droopy eyelids, Privé has a variety of non-invasive treatments specially catered for your concerns. With no downtime involved, these quick and painless treatments can be done even during your lunch break.

Elite Ultra 360

Utilising a unique combination of radio frequency and ultrasound, this FDA-approved machine produces a 360-degree volumetric heat that treats the deep tissue under your skin. It melts fat, tightens skin and contours your face through a skin tightening molecule that actually speeds up the metabolic rate of fat cells while stimulating skin’s collagen network to improve elasticity. The treatment requires absolutely no anesthetic or numbing creams, and some customers have even likened it to a warm, comfortable massage!


Using purely ultrasound energy, this treatment lifts and tightens skin naturally without surgery or downtime. The procedure stimulates collagen production by delivering a focused blast of ultrasound energy to the skin’s foundational layer (usually addressed in cosmetic surgery), but without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. Unlike other treatment options that involve lasers or surgery, Ultherapy actually bypasses the surface of the skin, so that the exact amount of energy is delivered at the right depth and temperature. This then triggers a natural response under the skin, which jumpstarts our body’s natural regenerative process to produce new collagen. It is the only non-invasive FDA-cleared treatment to lift skin on the neck, under the chin, on the brow bone, and even the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your décolletage. Do note that while you might see some results immediately after your treatment, the real results appear over 2-3 months as collagen does require time to grow. Ultherapy doesn’t replicate the results of a traditional facelift, but it does offer a more natural result for those who prefer not to go under the knife.

Botox Jaw Reduction

If you are not averse to needles, however, Privé also offers Botox and Filler injections to help you achieve a V-shape face. Botox is a great non-surgical way to slimming down and softening a prominent jawline, which is a less intense alternative to traditional jaw reduction surgery. If you’re looking to sharpen your chin area, you can also consider dermal fillers to enhance the V-shape and facial contour.

Enjoy your first Elite Ultra 360 treatment at just $250 (UP: $400) by calling Privé Aesthetics at +65 9656 5380, or emailing them at contact@priveaesthetics.com.