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We know you’ve probably heard this countless times: Don’t leave your house without applying sunscreen on your face. Yes, sunscreens are an essential part of our everyday skincare routine (for some of us, the most important step too).

Which is why it bears repeating. It’s important because besides minimising your risk of skin cancer, we’re pretty sure you don’t wish to wake up one day — and horror! — find freckles and fine lines staring back at you in the mirror. And remember: Choose one that’s at least SPF 30, as recommended by dermatologists.

In case you think that applying a sunscreen in the morning is going to protect your face throughout the day, well, you’ll want to think again. As you transit from one meeting to another, you’ll be blotting your face during toilet breaks. Chances are, you’ll also perspire a little. When these happen, a little bit of your sunscreen comes off whenever you wipe your face.

The solution? Make sure you always carry a sunscreen or compact powder with SPF properties with you and re-apply every two hours. Depending on your preference, there are so many different kinds available — from spray-ons to brush-ons. This way, you’ll ensure that there’s always an invisible SPF shield on your face.


And it’s not only the face that needs to be protected from the sun’s UV rays; think also your ears (especially the skin area behind them), and neck (and also the back of it) — these areas are also exposed to the sun but are often forgotten by us.

So, are you ready to get serious with your sunscreens? Read on for the Her World team’s latest sunscreen faves below.


If you love mixing your own skincare, try:

Dr Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50, $163.13 for 30ml at Net-a-porter

Some sunscreens are made solely for sun protection while others throw in skin-loving ingredients to correct your skin condition. Dr Barbara Sturm’s Sun Drops SPF 50 belongs to the latter (Angela Bassett, Kate Moss and Cher are just some of the many celebrities who flock to her to stock up on their skincare). Its cocktail of Cassia Extract, Vitamin E and Beta-Glucan works on damaged cells to ensure that you’re on your way to a healthier complexion. Blend it with a hydrating face cream if you prefer a slightly heavier texture or when you’re too lazy to follow multiple skincare steps.


If you have oily skin, try:

Laneige Light Fun Fluid SPF 50+ PA+++, $36 for 50ml

If you have oily skin, you’ll be wise to skip the heavy sunscreens and reach for something more lightweight, like this new offering from popular Korean beauty brand Laneige. It’s formulated with oil-control properties to keep excess sebum in check; there’s also mint water to give your skin a quick relief — trust us, use this and your skin will thank you on those especially hot days.


If you have visible pores, try:

Kate Tokyo Skin CC Base Zero SPF 30 PA++, $18

Want smoother skin in a jiffy? Then count on this two-in-one makeup base with SPF 30 that doubles up as a sunscreen. Besides disguising enlarged pores, there’s also pearl powder in this formula to lend an instant glow. Apply this and skip your usual foundation when you want to go ‘bare-face’, or use it under your makeup to make the application of foundations a dream.