Here’s the thing. When it comes to your complexion, discolourations are a distraction, no matter your skin tone. Then there’s the mounting evidence that UV damage can lurk like looming “clouds” just under your skin, only to surface years down the road.

Even worse, submitting your skin to Singapore’s sun and smog every single day can result in far-reaching problems apart from pigmentation – think overall dullness, enlarged pores and even pimples.

Happily, you don’t have to resign yourself to putting up with spots, now and forever. Here’s how to zap ‘em fast – and prevent new ones from forming, too.

Let’s start from the beginning: Always incorporate a luminising treatment to get your glow on. We’re in love with SK-II’s new GenOptics Aura Essence, which comes infused with inositol, a chemical compound that’s said to clarify the complexion over time, plus stress-alleviating antioxidants and amino acids courtesy of prune extracts plus the beauty giant’s legendary Pitera. Pair this with the GenOptics Spots Essence for targeted treatment of existing age spots, thanks to a kelp extract for an extra helping of antioxidants. Studies conducted with real-life users suggest that you can expect visible improvement in overall radiance and the reduction of age spots in just eight weeks and beyond. Sounds good to us!

Don’t be “stingy” – using a microscopic smidgen of your serum is going to translate to lower efficacy (don’t blame the product if you’re not using enough!). Take the guesswork out of your dosage with the GenOptics dropper system, which comes rigged with a nifty auto-fill mechanism – one full drop guarantees the optimal product you need for the entire face and neck. Of course, droppers are hygienic too, which is always a plus!

Dead skin cells can really dim your glow, so be sure to also incorporate invigorating toners into your regime to resurface and rejuvenate. A good post-cleansing toner like the Whitening Source Clear Lotion is superb for sloughing off the dirt and debris that’s clouding your complexion, plus they’re so easy to use, too: Simply massage into your skin with a cotton pad for a visibly smoother visage.

Call it nagging, but sun protection is absolutely non-negotiable: You must use sunscreen of some sort during the day. Enter SK-II’s new Atmosphere UV Airy Light Emulsion range of sunscreens which, apart from high SPF ratings to buffer against damage from UVA and UVB rays, also comes stuffed with antioxidants to fend off environmental aggressors, plus iridescent pearlised pigments to add an instant incandescence to your complexion. The gorgeous glow means you can layer a generous dollop on top of your morning lotions and potions and call it a day for #MakeupFree days.

Okay, so sunscreen reapplication is a requisite, but how do we go about it without messing up our makeup? We suggest supplementing your sunscreen by checking out SK-II’s Atmosphere CC Cream SPF 50 PA++++, which you can layer on throughout the day to conceal existing freckles and give these vulnerable spots get additional protection.

Not into wearing a full mask of warpaint? This subtly tinted and comfortingly creamy concoction is incredibly hydrating and flattering when worn on its own – perfect for off-duty days when you can’t be bothered with a seven-step regime. The result: Smoother and more supple skin, plus the full protection required to fend off the fury of Singapore’s sun when power-walking through the CBD district.

Finally, hydrating with H20 is an absolute requisite in the evening, especially if you’re sleeping in a skin-desiccating air-conditioned room. What’s the connection? Well, a dehydrated dermis with all its accompanying flakiness can heighten hyperpigmentation on your hide. Oh, and while we’re talking about lubrication, steer clear of scalding hot showers as the heat can further fan the flames of inflamed skin.

We hope this has been an enlightening read. Good luck working towards a brighter future for your skin!

Brought to you by SK-II