Go by your skin age rather than your “real” one. The former is affected by variables such as your genes and lifestyle, so it could be lower or higher than your chronological age.

Here’s where you can go to find out your skin age, which starts with a therapist taking a picture of your skin via a device, and then comparing it against the brand’s database of images and skin profiles to see where your own skin stands.

Where: Shiseido counters
What: Handy Skin Sensor

A handheld photographic device takes a picture of skin with polarised light. Using data from 25 years of research and over 10,000 images, the device measures skin’s age by looking at its moisture and melanin levels, firmness, clarity and texture.

Where: Porcelain Spa
What: Skin Discovery ($65 for 45-60min, or free with a first trial facial)

A machine with a high-res cam zooms into moisture and sebum levels, and pores, dark spots, acne and wrinkles. Its database has over 80,000 images and skin profiles to use as a benchmark for your results. It also gives you a lifestyle and skincare assessment.

Where: SK-II counters
What: SK-II Magic Ring

The Magic Ring analysis is complimentary. It takes 10min to scan and analyse skin age and condition – texture, firmness, wrinkle resilience and more. SK-II has a multi-ethnic database with skin profiles of over five million women worldwide, including Japan, Korea, China and South-east Asia.