We’ve all heard the old adage “You are what you eat”, and Singapore brand Timeless Tomato has built its premise on that. 

Developed through intensive research, Timeless Tomato’s products are enriched with scientifically proven natural ingredients that focus on getting skin healthy and radiant from inside out, so you don’t have to worry about side effects on your skin and body.

The secret lies in the use of Phytofloral, which is made up of phytoene and phytofluene, two colourless carotenoids extracted from an exclusive breed of white tomatoes. This active ingredient is packed with antioxidants to protect skin against environmental aggressors such as UV rays, while offering skin-brightening benefits at the same time.  

The range consists of two oral supplements and a sheet mask. 

You want: A radiant and youthful complexion
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The heart and soul of the brand, this oral supplement is formulated with Phytofloral, along with other active ingredients such as L-cysteine, coenzyme Q10, ascorbyl palmitate and grapeseed extract, to brighten your complexion and evening out your skin tone by building up your skin’s natural defence against external environmental aggressors like UV exposure and pollution. This keeps it looking youthful and radiant. 

You want: A healthy complexion 
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Suitable for those with dry skin, the oral supplement hydrates skin from within with a cocktail of moisture-enhancing ingredients like Ceramosides, Teca and O’lives. It also promises to help boost collagen production to reduce the look of lines, so that skin is kept firm, supple and healthy.  

You want: A supple and radiant complexion 
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In addition to white tomato extract, each sheet is also infused with more than 10 exclusively curated active ingredients such as ceramides, dragonfruit and centella asiatica extracts, to promote better skin. This multi-targeted skincare solution works to give you hydrated and radiant skin, by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and refining skin’s texture, while giving it the hydration boost it needs. Plus, it’s made from a unique hydroentangled biosilk fabric for a perfect fit – no messy application here. 

Made in Singapore to meet the highest safety standards and quality, Timeless Tomato’s products don’t just boast holistic formulations – they have also been proven to be more effective, with tests showing that they improve skin condition in just 15 days. Achieving timeless beauty and that lit-from-within youthful glow is even easier now.

For more information, visit https://timelesspharma.com/