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Being young doesn’t mean that your skin looks the same.

Blame our human life cycle that has bestowed upon us the process of being the proud owners of baby smooth skin to wrinkly palms and crow’s feet – not that there’s any shame in that.

However, some external factors such as a hectic lifestyle, exposure to excessive UV rays and overdosing on our devices are clearly accelerating the ageing process. We know that wrinkle-free isn’t an option in life but having ageing signs crawling on your skin earlier than necessary isn’t exactly ideal. So here’s what you need to look out for.


1. Sun spots in your early 30s

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Getting sun spots and freckles before hitting your 4-0 means that your skin has had too much exposure under our bright sun. While you can’t erase the marks (life isn’t Photoshop, unfortunately), you can minimize and slow down the ageing process. Simply use a broad spectrum day cream with SPF30. Feed your skin with a Vitamin-C enriched serum that helps to correct uneven complexion along with having a face-lifting effect.


2. Turkey neck

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When you spot fine lines and wrinkles appearing in the middle of your cheeks and your jawline starts to sag in your 20s or 30s, you will need to rethink your beauty routine! No more tugging forcefully on your skin to remove waterproof makeup unless your beauty goal is to look like The Wicked Witch. Firm and tighten up your skin with collagen during the night and use a face lifting mist often.


3. Itchy skin

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Aging results in a loss of moisture and thinner skin as the cel membranes is porous, leading to the dehydration of your skin. That means a wrinkly texture and skin that’s more sensitive and itchy. The process happens gradually and the changes typically go unnoticed until the day you find yourself looking gaunt. Use hyaluronic acid as it’s able to retain a lot of moisture. (Fact: One gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six litres of water!)


4. Droopy eyelids

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Feel like your eye shape is changing? Do you think it’s becoming slightly more horizontal from its round almond shape before?

That’s because of the physical changes in our bones; they begin to move inwards as we age, pulling the inner upper corner and the lower outer corner of our eye area. It’ll affect the skin around our eye area, which as you know, is far more sensitive, so maintain some firmness with eye treatment products that restore aging cells and also help to tighten your skin.

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