Imagine waking up to blemish-free and flawless complexion.

What would it feel like to have the look of a full face of base makeup (we’re talking about the whole shebang – including bb cream, concealer and highlighter), every day, without using any of the aforementioned products?

Think of how much time you could save to roll out of bed with foundation makeup already done. Think about how much money it could save you over time as well.

That’s the promise of Estetica Beauty’s BB Dewy Shine Therapy, a nano crystalline treatment that delivers a semi-permanent bb cream (a tinted skin brightening ampoule) into the skin for coverage that lasts from a few months to a year.


What is it

This semi-permanent BB cream is more of a tinted skincare. The formula lends a blurring effect from inside your skin to lighten dark circles, even out the complexion and reduce the appearance of pores.

Unlike some cosmetic BB creams, the ampoule that is used in the treatment promises not to clog the pores and is free of harmful metals, so you get the coverage of makeup without the risk of breakouts from wearing it all day.

Additionally, the pigmented formula also delivers a dose of hydration to the skin.


How BB Dewy Shine Therapy works

The treatment involves the use of a Nano Crystalline Therapy System to deliver the BB cream formulation into the skin for a more even toned and brighter complexion.

The  Nano Crystalline aspect for this treatment also helps to increase the skin’s production of collagen and elastin so your skin condition will also improve overtime. The teeny pinpricks (which is said to feel like tiny ant bites) encourages the skin to heal and build up stronger than before.

Unlike a traditional microneedling tool, the BB cream version uses nano crystals to hold the pigment and give your skin a more even application. Once the ampoule has been applied to the skin, the aesthetician then applies a calming face mask to soothe the skin.


Add on the Slim Face Lift Facial

Now that you’ve perfected your complexion, Estetica Beauty also offers a popular Slim Face Lift treatment so you get that coveted slim v-shaped visage to go with your flawless picture-perfect skin.

Road tested by Her World’s editors and picked by their readers for Best Face Contouring Facial award in Her World’s 2018 Spa Awards, our reviewers felt that this treatment left their complexion looking brighter, face contours sharper, and skin feeling more supple and smoother.

Inspired by surgical procedures like liposuction and face lifts, this non-invasive facial uses a manual suction tool known as the Premedikl Facial Lift Pumper to stimulate circulation upwards from the neck to the cheeks.

After which, a firming mask is applied on the skin. To top it off, there is also a therapeutic facial massage drain lymphatic nodes and tone your cheeks and chin to make your face look slimmer.

Book an appointment for Estetica’s BB Dewy Shine Therapy here and the Slim Face Lift facial here.