It’s official – Lancome’s cult-status Advanced Genifique serum (the one was born of 197 formulation trials, and tested on 4,000 women, and sold every six seconds) has undergone a revamp. The new Genifique is better than ever, and works to give you stronger, and younger-looking skin. The big change: It’s now acting on your skin microbiome. 

What is a skin microbiome?

This is a beneficial living ecosystem made of micro-organisms (like healthy bacteria), and it runs through every layer of the skin. What it does is protect, regulate and repair skin. It defends skin against harmful bacteria, modulates inflammation, and builds the resilience of the skin barrier.

Scientists from beauty brand Lancome discovered that everyone has a unique skin microbiome – it’s as individual as our DNA or fingerprints. But what all skin microbiomes have in common is their importance to skin.

When the skin microbiome is not in good shape, neither is your skin. Unhealthy skin isn’t able to reap the benefits of skincare because it isn’t able to effectively absorb it. Instead of piling on product after product, hoping to chance upon the right one, the focus should be on fixing skin health. 

And that’s what the newly reformulated Lancome Advanced Genifique aims to do: build up healthy skin with a new breakthrough formula that’s enhanced with microbiome science.

Taking care of your skin microbiome

Pollution, for example, is what Lancome researchers consider to be one of the main reasons for premature ageing, dryness, wrinkles and the like. What’s happening here: The skin microbiome is unbalanced (aka unhealthy skin) and it changes to reflect these undesirable results. 

Which is why having and maintaining a balanced skin microbiome is crucial for healthy and beautiful skin. The new Lancome Advanced Genifique does just that.

A classic made better

The new Lancome Advanced Genifique serum is enriched with a blend of seven skin-loving prebiotic and probiotic fractions. The previous tried-and-true formula with a cult following (yup, the one sold every six seconds around the world) only contained probiotics. 

Why prebiotics? Think of it this way: The prebiotics act like “food” for probiotics (live micro-organisms that provide health benefits) so that the latter can work even better on the skin. 

The prebiotic and probiotic blend helps to deliver essential “skin food” such as sugars, amino acids and lipids to keep the microbiome balanced and strong. And with that should come healthy skin – which, really, is the ultimate goal of using skincare. Lancome researchers have also reported that testers felt their skin looks youthfully radiant in just seven days, and that skin is stronger with improved radiance, smoothness and firmness after one bottle. 

First impressions

I tried the new Lancome Advanced Genifique for a night, and these were among the instant experiences it gave me: 

– The texture is like that of the old favourite. It’s lightweight, silky, and sinks instantly into skin.

– It helped to soothe the soreness and redness of my angry-looking pimples.

– After 10 minutes, my skin was visibly brighter and felt softer.

The Genifique Discovery Tunnel pop-up

From 30 Aug to 8 Sep, 10am to 9.30pm, Lancome will be having a Genifique Discovery Tunnel pop-up outside Mandarin Gallery. There will be four interactive rooms for visitors to explore, and learn more about the new Lancome Advanced Genifique serum, as well as how it works with the skin microbiome. You can also get personalised skin consultation from Lancome Beauty Advisors and have them put together your ideal Lancome skincare routine. P.S. Celebrities Aaron Kowk and Jeanette Aw are also fans of the Advanced Genifique serum, and they’ve graced the opening of the Genifique Discovery Tunnel pop-up, too. 

Sign up here to get priority access into the Genifique Discover Tunnel pop-up.

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