Micellar cleansing waters have gained popularity, and rightly so, they make taking off your makeup a breeze. Just soak a cotton pad in the solution and swipe over your face to take the day off.

But have you been using any generic cleansing water? Stop! This can be causing you to have skin problems like sensitivity and even breakouts.

Not all cleansing waters are made equal and for all skin types. In fact, just like your skincare creams and serums, you do need specific formulas when it comes to cleansing products too.


Zoom in on Uriage’s range of Thermal Micellar Waters. There are three specialised formulas in the line, made to suit different skin types for the perfect cleanse while caring for your skin. This cleansing water trio is also rinse-free, non-sticky and promises to leave skin supple and refreshed.

Before going into the three different formulas, it is worth knowing that the brand specialises in hypoallergenic products, all souped up with the brand’s star ingredient – Uriage’s thermal water, which is full of skin-loving minerals to nourish, moisturise and balance the complexion. Uriage is particularly good for those with sensitive skin thanks to this key ingredient, which boasts natural soothing and calming properties.


Oily skin needs thorough cleansing that also balances sebum production. That’s exactly what this Purifying Thermal Micellar Water does. With green apple extract, this cleansing water also deep cleanses skin, zapping oil-based residue, and leaving skin purified but not stripped, so sebum production is normalised. Over time, skin will become less greasy too.


Pick the blue bottle of Uriage Thermal Micellar Water if you skin tends to feel dry or dehydrated. One sure sign is when your skin feels uncomfortably tight each time you cleanse. This formula will do away with the dryness thanks to cranberry extract that helps to put some hydration back into your skin, even as you swipe away your makeup at the end of the day.


Go for the pink bottle of Soothing Thermal Micellar Water if your skin’s irritated or inflamed, and this includes acne breakouts. There’s apricot extract in the formula, which is great for soothing and calming the skin. One tip: Soak the cotton pad with more of the cleansing water if your skin’s inflamed or breaking out, this will help it glide over skin better with less friction to minimise skin irritation.

Uriage is available at BHG, Metro, Guardian, John Little and Watsons stores or online at www.betime.com.sg.

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