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It’s common knowledge that our skin repairs and regenerates itself while we sleep. And that is why we’re told to use skincare products rich in active ingredients that will help skin heal and undo the damage of the day. 

To me, a sleep mask is the true definition of beauty sleep because it promises a well-rested, supple and radiant complexion when you wake up. And boy, do I need all the help I can get. On good days, I clock in seven hours of sleep; but on most days, it’s closer to five. That’s why overnight masks are my go-to, especially when my skin feels extra stressed. 

So when I heard that Skin Inc was launching a new intensive overnight treatment mask that allows you to customise it with Serum Boosters that contain high concentrations of active ingredients to supercharge your night-time skin routine, I was intrigued. 

Skin Inc My Nightly Dose

Aptly called My Nightly Dose to complement its well-loved My Daily Dose serums, this serum-enhanced mask promises to be your night-time essential. It’s also great for lazy and busy people who want to simplify their skincare routine. All you need is to cleanse, tone and hydrate. Then it’s off to bed as you let the mask do all the heavy lifting.  

Here’s what happened when I tried it.

What it is: Skin Inc My Nightly Dose Custom Recovery Sleep Mask, $168

It’s an overnight mask that promises to reverse the damage of the day while helping in skin repair so you wake to your best skin. Each mask comprises a base (pick from two), and two boosters (pick from five different ones).  

Key ingredients

The Mask Base comes in either a gel or cream. The Hydro Gel, for oilier and acne-prone skin, contains hyaluronic acid, caffeine, witch hazel, zinc PCA + sodium PCA and natto gum. The Hydro Cream, which is more suitable for drier or dehydrated complexions, has vitamin B3, licorice, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, squalene, caffeine, zinc PCA + sodium PCA and sea buckthorn extract.

There are five Serum Booster Shots to choose from, based on your skin concerns and needs. Age-Proof reduces the signs of ageing with bakuchiol (a plant-based and gentler alternative to retinol), zinc PCA + sodium PCA; Clarify keeps blemishes at bay and the complexion clear, with five per cent niacinamide and 0.6 per cent salicylic acid; Detox protects from external environmental aggressors with a blend of antioxidants, coenzyme Q10 and thioctic acid; Glow boosts radiance with ferulic acid and multi-vitamins B3, B5, C and E; Soothe instantly calms with four types of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. 

While you can self-select the boosters based on your skin concerns, for a more accurate diagnosis, Skin Inc recommends taking its Skin Identity Check, a quick questionnaire that covers a range of questions from skin concerns to your lifestyle and environment. 

The texture

If you’ve chosen the Hydro Gel, its texture is very similar to the brand’s iconic Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. It is lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin. There is a slightly tacky finish, which I suspect could be due to the natto gum, but it quickly disappears so you don’t need to worry about the mask smearing onto the pillow. 

The Hydro Cream, on the other hand, has a slightly richer texture. But it still absorbs well and leaves the skin feeling nourished and comforted. I think this would be suitable if you sleep in an air-conditioned room, even if you have mildly oily skin, as aircon air can be drying to the skin.   

Skin Inc My Nightly Dose

Each Serum Booster Shot looks like caviar in the bottle, and is said to contain 1,000 micro-capsules. When used on its own, it feels like a light lotion with each capsule bursting to release its potent goodness into the skin as you massage it in. 

The results

I start by taking the Skin Inc Skin Identity Check, which only takes minutes, to find out which Sleeping Mask Base and Serum Booster Shots I should be using. I’m recommended the Hydro Gel for my somewhat oilier skin + the Age-Proof Serum Booster Shot to treat signs of ageing, and the Clarify Serum Booster Shot to rescue my troubled skin and keep future blemishes at bay.  

I feel like a scientist mixing potions as I inject each Serum Booster Shot into the Hydro Gel base. After which, I’m told to shake the bottle to mix the gel and the serums. It is not as easy as it sounds, and I find I have to shake the bottle quite vigorously for a few minutes. 

Once I’m done, I cleanse, tone, and apply my usual serum, then finish with my customised Skin Inc My Nightly Dose Custom Recovery Sleep Mask as the last step. 

I head to bed and can’t wait to see the results the next morning. 

The first thing I do when I wake up is check my complexion in the mirror. It looks soft and just that bit more even too. More surprisingly, it doesn’t feel too tight, despite my sleeping in an air-conditioned room. Although, I suspect my skin wouldn’t mind a bit more hydration, with a hydrating serum, or if I switched to the Hydro Cream base instead. 

I learn that each Serum Booster Shot ($48 each, if you’d like to buy it separately) can be used individually as an intensive seven-day treatment, and I decide to put the Soothe Serum Booster Shot to the test (a recent slightly overzealous use of retinol has left my skin feeling dry and irritated). 

Since it is an intensive treatment, I apply the Shot only on affected areas – my cheeks and forehead, in particular. The micronised capsules absorb quickly and my skin feels instantly soothed and comforted. In fact, as I go about my day, I manage to get by with using just a lightweight moisturiser. My skin doesn’t itch, get red or flake. I’m impressed.  

Using the Shot alone does take a little getting used to because I’m unsure of how much to use each time. I end up using two doses, and it proves to be plenty for my cheeks and forehead. Over the next few days, I notice my skin feeling softer and looking more supple too. 

The verdict

The versatility of the My Nightly Dose Custom Recovery Sleep Mask and individual Serum Booster Shots is what makes this overnight mask appealing. I genuinely like that I’m able to customise it to meet my evolving skin needs and concerns, since each bottle contains enough serum to last a month.  

Skin Inc My Nightly Dose

In fact, my current mask blend sits on my dresser and has become my go-to night-time moisturiser because it is exactly what my skin needs now. 

The Skin Inc Custom Recovery Sleep Mask, My Nightly Dose and the individual Serum Booster Shots are available at Skin Inc stores, Sephora stores, and